“Congratulations on Another Consecutive Year of Life” Social to celebrate Milo and Jon’s birthdays!

An awesome birthday bash organised by Marie :-) Sacrilegious drinks on the steps of St Paul’s, taking in the fantastic view at One New Change, and dancing at XOYO; thanks to Marie for planning, Simon for the delicious cake, […]

Summer League – Brixton v Michael Pearce & Friends, Crossover Match 3, 19th June @ Balham

After a slightly disappointing showing against ABH last week, Brixton showed up for this one wanting to right some wrongs and reconquer Balham as the fortress we all know it to be. Si, Sean, Owen, Milo, Guy, […]

Summer League – Brixton v Swurve, Crossover Match 1, 5th June @ Clissold Park

And so on one almost sunny day, in the rolling greens of Clissold Park, the Brixton crew embarked on their first game of the infamous Summer league.

One game, one chance, first to fifteen… BRIXTON BABY.

We were […]