Sunburn 2017

Sunburn really does live up its name. Each and every player became united with the oddly shaped red patterns across our athletic and incredibly powered bodies. The only person strong and experienced enough against the blistering sun was no one other than the Irish man. Paddy.

Brixton @ Mixed Tour 2 – 22/23 April 2017

A bullet point summary of the weekend’s events, because, why write a whole report when you can just write bullet points; pretty much like, why wait for Stall 2 when you can release a Hammer on Stall 1…

* Those […]

Mixed Tour 1 2017

First outdoor tournament of the year- Mixed Tour 1 (MT1) and a small squad of 12 Brixtoners made the journey to Llanrumney (sp?) near Cardiff in Wales. We were met with a strange mix of pitches that felt a […]

Brixton at Mixed Nationals

Eight intrepid Brixtonites ventured up to Derby for what I can only describe as Mixed Nationals. In the Derby Arena a sweeping velodrome surrounded three pictches and set the stage for a cracking weekend.

We began day one 24th out […]

Sicko Regurge 2017 Video Report!

Brixton’s Open and Mixed teams travelled to not quite Brighton to play in the last tournament before Nationals. While the Mixed team took an early trip down, near calamitous transport issues for the first team meant they only just […]

Brixton at Windoors 2017

A tag team effort, thanks to Ant and Jacqui for writing up all the “facts” of the weekend in this 2 part page turner!


Our country needs a truly great team, and we need a truly great team now. We […]

Brixton @ Iron 5 2016

In mid December, a small band of Brixtonites made their way South once more. And kept going, because Plymouth is freakin’ miles away. That can only mean one thing: Iron 5’s! The team consisted of Jim, Matt, Will, Pat, […]

London Club Open Indoor Regionals

As the main focus of indoor training, this tournament came a little earlier this year. In 2015/16, we’d several tournaments under our belt, and much more practice. The 16/17 tournament came before Christmas, after half a dozen indoor sessions […]

Brixton AWOL

Cold weather, dark skies, an early train to Walsall – it can mean only one thing: Brixton’s first indoor tournament of the winter, AWOL. An intense one-day tournament with eight games and little respite in between was the perfect test for all the training we’ve been put through over the last two months, and, sure enough, they paid off.

SICKO Women’s 2016

So here goes kids….

Wow, what a fantastic weekend. This is my second ever tournament, and what a tournament it has been!

After a very easy 50 minute train journey down to Burgess Hill (and then a taxi), we arrived at […]