July 6, 2015 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Our normal training ground, Clapham Common
Clapham Common
Windmill Drive, London SW4 9DE
Monday Night Sprints!


Do you feel yourself flagging in the final third of a summer league match?

Do you want to increase your top speed and beat that guy to the disc?

Do you not see enough of my face already?

Then Monday Night Sprints is for you!

Starting tomorrow night, I’ll be running a sprints fitness session which in which we’ll be running hard in short bursts until you hate me and want to throw up and it will be great. Sounds fun, eh!

  1. Sprints training is very beneficial in many ways:
  2. Burn fat at amazing rates, even in short spaces of time – perfect if, like me, you are after that bikini body for Burla!
  3. Increase endurance and work rate – all we do in ultimate is sprint, so having that extra stamina at the end of a match is often the difference between winning and losing
  4. Build muscle and look buuuuufff – with the right nutrition and recovery, sprints training will lead to muscle building which will have you looking fit and running faster
  5. Improve cognition, fight depression, and increase happiness! – all exercise reaps mental benefits, and sprinting is no different. It decreases inflammation in the brain, improves hormone balance, leads to better mobility, and makes you feel awesome after you blast through a series of repetitions that test your abilities!
  6. Sprinting prepares you for all getaway emergencies:

So there you have it; be fitter, faster, happier, and outrun bulls by coming along to sprints training!

Who: You

What: Sprints

When: Mondays, 8pm

Where: our normal training location on Clapham Common

Why: to be awesomer

And then: no and then

We’re starting at 8pm so it will be cool enough to be running around, but light will become an issue later on so please make sure you’re there on time ready to start at 8.

Bring your boots, running shoes (in case the ground is too hard for boots), and lots of water. Lots of water.

Let me know if you’re coming, I hope to see as many of you as possible! Here’s a map of where we’ll be: