June 25, 2016 all-day

Day and week-long tickets are now available to buy!


We expect some people may be surprised to find that we are selling tickets for spectators to access the tournament.  So we want to provide a quick explanation – its really quite simple.  We need to bring in additional infrastructure to make the event a success.

The most notable is a large grandstand for seating; although we also need to think about temporary toilets, stocks for food and drink, car parking capacity, etc.  In order to safely provide all these things we need:

to know how many people plan to come as spectators
(b) to help pay for the infrastructure.

The grandstand seating is particularly expensive and we believe it is fair that spectators share those costs with the participants.  It would be an unusual sports event indeed if the participants were paying for the spectators’ seats.

We have a healthy – but strict – capacity of how many people we’re allowed to have on site and so there will be NO TICKETS AVAILABLE ON THE GATES.

The Final day of competition (25th June) is being held at ALLIANZ PARK in North London and we expect to have a healthier capacity at that venue.