Because they didn’t want to hang out with their families or go on a nice holiday over the Easter weekend, 5 Brixtonites drove to the charming town of Wolverhampton (where Jacqui was waiting with home-made cupcakes) to represent the legendary name of Brixton at AWOL.

Joe suggested someone get “beers and voddy” for the trip, and though no one actually uses the term “voddy,” Sean was quick to volunteer, but ended up buying Bacardi because he doesn’t know the difference between vodka and rum. What can we say, he’s Irish.

Armed with chocolate Easter eggs, Marie, Jon, Sean, Joe and Ben drove due west towards destiny.

GAME ONE: Absent Without Leave — 5-5

Our first game on Saturday morning was against the Tournament Directors. We drew 5-5 and as we ran up and down the pitch, feeling like we were waddling through molasses, it became apparent that many of us were pretty hung over. None more so than Sean, who had, the night before, fallen asleep cradling a bucket.

GAME TWO: Pick Up Team — Win

Our second game was against a Pick Up team. We won easily, as we started to regain our stride, but unfortunately this outcome, having been against a pick up team, didn’t figure into our tournament score.

GAME THREE: Possum Party — 7-1 Win

This was a very easy win against Possum Party, who were a lovely bunch that went on to win the Spirit Award. Their huddle involved chanting “possum party!” and then all falling backwards, which was very endearing (at least to me). There’s not much to say about this game except that it helped us find a really good flow between ourselves and gear us up for the next game.

GAME FOUR: UCLAN Spinners — 4-4

This was a very enjoyable game against a team with a very strong zone. It took us a few points to get through their zone (we went down 3-0 to begin with), but in the end we broke through their zone and showed that we were pretty evenly matched. We snatched a deserved draw in the last 10 seconds by popping over their endzone flood, after having shredded their zone D, something which started to become a theme of the weekend.

Their team consisted of mostly tall, solid guys and they had a girl from Dazed picking up with them, so props to Jacqui and Marie for giving their marks a run for their money.

GAME FIVE:  Frizzie Rascals — 7-4 Loss

This team had a fantastic zone defines and were extremely quick off of their turns. Though we felt we could beat their zone D, there were just a few too many handling errors and slightly-not-quite-on shots that didn’t go our way, they capitalized on turns by using mismatches, moving the disc quickly and getting out break throws.

After this game we were told that our earlier games had qualified us for Division 1, so we knew the next few games would be our hardest yet.

GAME SIX: 1, 2, Hammer — 7-5 Loss

We played a clinical ISO on Joe with Jacqui and Marie in the endzone, which worked beautifully. We really pushed them and ran them hard, but we agreed in our team talk after the game that there was not a single weakness on their team. Honestly, it was a joy to watch the way they played and we felt great at having had such a close game with such a strong team, who went on to finish 3rd in the tournament.

GAME SEVEN: Dazed and Confused 8-4 Loss

Dazed are traditionally the second best team at this tournament (after Danger), which made us step our game up a level from the beginning. We started the game on D, got the turnover and converted with a lovely blade from Joe to Marie in the endzone. Getting on the board first gave us real confidence and we traded points for most of the game, right up till the end, where they scored a couple of points in quick succession. In the spirit circle, Kim, who had picked up for UCLAN Spinners against us earlier in the day said that we played this game like a completely different team. She said we had played them so hard on both O and D that at times they really struggled to get open and felt like they’d made a last stitch effort to come out on top. We were proud of the progress we’d made during the day and because it was our last game of the day, our call was a special one which Jacqui had taken the time to prepare the night before — Egg Roulette. Basically there are 12 eggs, 10 have been boiled and 2 have not. Everyone chooses one and smashes it against their head. Jacqui got one of the raw eggs and as it turned out, some of the eggs had been soft boiled, so at least 4 people got eggy faces! (Dazed went on to finish 4th, so mad props to us for running them really close!)

After this game we unloaded back to the hotel, hit up the local ‘very average’ Italian place, cheers Jacqui, then mingled with some of the other teams at the party through silly hand slapping games and beer pong.



GAME ONE: Minsters of Justice 10-2 Win

Despite the beer pong the night before and the 9am start, we started this day focused, strong, and really to play hard. We had a fun and easy game against some lovely people. Ben and Sean seemed to be everywhere on O, Jon was great on D and Joe was Joe — tall, dependable, fierce.

GAME TWO: UCLAN Spinners 7-4 Loss

Our hopes of going for the plate were taken away by UCLAN. We played a very tight game, Ben was a monster against their zone, Jacqui got an incredible D, but we had more execution errors than they did and we ended up losing to a team who, on a different day, we really could have beaten.

GAME THREE: Unleashed 9-7 Loss

This was a frustrating loss because we traded points for most of the game and both teams were intent on playing in their very best form. Jon got several D’s on a Fire player who was part of this team and Sean shut down their best handler, but in the end that just had slightly more infield chemistry, and a couple more experienced players than we did… as well as a bigger squad!… and took it down.

GAME FOUR: Minsters of Justice 7-5 Win

We played against the Minsters again on our final game and we knew going into it that they would be playing much better in this game than they had in our morning game and we were right. This was a much tighter game and there was a point at which we thought we might lose grasp of it, but we threw a very successful zone (I believe for the first time in the tournament) which created those turns and conversions. As the game wore on it became obvious that both teams were dead on their feet after a long 12 game tournament, this really came down to who wanted it more… and that was us! Just enough energy and drive to take this one down.

A great tournament overall, the consistent theme all weekend for Brixton was how hard we worked for each other and never let our heads drop. With the weekend of ulti punctuated by a visit from Mr. and Mrs. Lewis, the longest game of beer pong that has ever been played, and a variety of calls involving Easter eggs, this was a great way to round off our indoor season. Let’s hope for many more adventures coming into the outdoor season!

Finishing position: 15th

MIP- tie, Marie and Jacqui

MVP- Sean


Well done everyone!