Chapter One: Setting the Scene

Regionals. That hallowed ante-room to competitive achievement, that shibboleth to glory. This. This was our arena, our stage, our time. And we were ready, seeded 23rd (out of 24) and ready to take up arms against the Goliaths of the Pool of Death and brand the name of Brixton across their fallen heads.

In our corner, we had Elliot the Magician, China the Chilly, Molof the Brave and Curly, Jacqui the Wise and Curly, William the Conqueror, Ash the Silent but Deadly, Soni the Blademaster, and Marie the Merciless.

Together we would forge a fellowship to slice through the defensive ramparts of the best in the country and stop the relentless offense of our heroes made foes. This is our story.

Chapter Two: First Blood

Brixton 2 vs CUT

8:15am, we all arrive more than an hour before our first game, as decreed by our fearless leader, Jacqui. (Ant’s already been there for a while).

9:20am Brixton 2’s first battle against 12th seed, CUT commences.

We used this game to cohere as a team, grow into our roles and and develop a formidable man defense.

After a couple of missed connections, Ash looked at Marie and sent a clear ocular message: Let’s shut the Bagel Factory. Marie faked right and sprinted left but Ash’s blade sailed out of bounds toward the green curtains. Marie gave a characteristic roll of the eyes before gunning it for the edge of the endzone and toeing the line for what would be the first of many balletic full-extension grabs of out of bounds blades that would mark the weekend. She made the grab and the crowd went wild. The team hugged each other emotionally and we all felt as though we’d won the match.

Chapter Three: Next Level
Brixton 2 vs Cloud City 1

Round 2, Cloud City 1. Ok, we know a lot of these guys. We know who the handlers are and who can run like lightning. But we didn’t know they’d recruited a monster (in the best possible way). I’m talking about the full horizontal indoor layout blocks, throwing it, skying it, toeing it, plays of the Danish National Team kind of monster. We did our best, but so did they. Highlights were Will and Soni’s grabs as ISOs and Jacqui’s masterful “Get us out of the Bagel Queue” grab toeing the edge of the endzone (pics of this on FB) what a score!

A massive shoutout also has to go to our incredible sideline. Both Brixton teams’ games were undeniably the loudest and most exciting games of the tournament as each team made a commitment to cheer and encourage the other team in every single match. Thanks guys!!

Chapter Four: We Could be Heroes
Brixton 2 vs Piribants (aka GB Open)
(4-13 // 6-16)

What a game. What a blooming wonderful inexplicable game. We walked into this game as brave underdogs and left it as bloodstained legends.

Up against the best in the country, Ollie Gordon, Bevan, Funk (Justin Foord had made a dash for it as soon as he heard they were up against Brixton, what a pussy). We tried to get Gash to come and play with us last minute but he was busy getting his hair dyed. Turns out we didn’t need him.

The first few points are a blur of black and red. Then Will gets a sick D.

Ash scores a point for Brixton. The sideline and the balcony goes insane. The 23rd seed scoring against the 1st seed? Impossible!

Then Marie scores a second point. A perfectly placed throw from Elliot, making Marie the only girl to score against GB all tournament (someone please put that on a plaque right now)!

Ash scores again. Elation

Jacqui breaks Ollie Gordon. We’re dreaming.

Will gets another sick D. Amazing.

Ash scores again. They can’t stop the bleeding.

The buzzer goes. Score is 13-4 to them, but let’s face it, we’ve won.

We decide to keep playing. Ash scores 2 more times. They score 3 more times but who gives a toss? 6 points against GB, and it feels like absolute heaven.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that we played our best of the tournament in this game. Ash Cresswell is a legend, but those 6 points were a team effort (assists from Elliot, Soni, and Will). It was an honour and a privilege to have played that game with Brixton 2.

Cheers to Coach Sean and the rest of the SLT who make us run the weave every single training. We used it to break GB.

Chapter Five: Back to Earth
Brixton 2 vs FlumpTales

Wish we could say that we played as well in this game as we did in the previous one. We were already solid as a team but our weave, the basis of our game, started to break down.

Marie got the hammer assist she’d been wanting all day, to Ash, then caught a hammer from Will.

And Molof got a nasty D. Gotta say, he played a solid game all weekend, keeping the flow going and having steady hands. What a guy.

Chapter Six: Learning to Fly
Brixton 2 vs Mohawks

Mohawks, who ended up
playing in the final against Piribants/GB entered the tournament mis-seeded as 17th.

This was going to be a tough game but, after what we’d lived through, we were unfazed.

They were clinical on O and played a weird sort of Mexican sombrero-like indoor defense which took us a while to adjust to. Once we figured out a formation that was effective against it, we started finding the holes and scoring points.

Marie extended for a blade from Soni.

Ash found a completely unmarked China in the endzone for her first score of the tournament!! Against the team who would come second at regionals! What a grab! What a girl!

Will to Marie in the endzone.

And boom. Just like that, no bagels, just scores and scars. We felt like winners.

Chapter Seven: The Sun Rises and Sets

By the end of a Saturday we knew what to expect. Ash wasn’t signed up to play Sunday and Sean was too ill to take his place.

7 heroes left.

Brixton 2 vs Mustard 2

This was a game we could have won. If we’d had one more player? If we’d run harder? If we’d been more chilly on O? Don’t know. We got a few points on the board, including a slightly misplaced blade from Soni to Marie which she caught behind her head, a doozy of a hammer to Will, a sexy blade to Soni, and a sweet-as-pie push pass to Elliot. And we can’t forget China’s D.

In the end, though, this game slipped through our fingers like sand.

Chapter Eight: The One You Wish You Could Do Over

Brixton 2 vs Chesham Kites 2

When Brixton 1 came to sideline for us we were up 4-1 with 4 minutes to go. We should have held the disc. We didn’t. We tried to score more points and turned over. They stepped it up and took the game 6-5.

Lesson learned.

(Won’t even mention the pin-point full field hammer one of us threw for the score)

Chapter Nine: Happy Ending
Brixton 2 vs Cloud City 3

El Clasico. The real final, let’s be honest. Fans lining the balcony and the sideline, music blaring, Jon in a skimpy cheerleader outfit with nipple pom poms, the works.

Soni got us pumped by reciting Aragorn’s speech from Return of the King out in the corridor and we ran onto the pitch chanting “FOR BRIXTOOOON!!!!”

Started on O, beautiful flow, Elliot makes a sexy grab just outside the endzone on an up the line blade from Jacqui. Marie is there. Hits one corner and sprints toward the other as a beautiful leading pass sails just out of her reach, she lays out, makes the grab, slides, then rises, boom, Brixton on the board.

Then it just gets silly. Soni to Elliot, Elliot to Will, Will to Elliot, Soni again. Who is where, when, what?
Brixton is everywhere, dominant.

They have no answer for our devastating zone. It’s 8-2 when China sees her moment. In her mind she pivots out and drops a dirty dime at the edge of the endzone to a sprinting Soni. However the footage shows that what she actually did was push-pass a blade to him, but, cool as a cucumber, Soni caught it in stride and just like that, our rookie got her first assist of the tournament!

How will we remember this weekend in the years to come? Forget “We could be heroes, just for one day.” Those two days made us heroes, for life.

Soni and Ash



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