Eight intrepid Brixtonites ventured up to Derby for what I can only describe as Mixed Nationals. In the Derby Arena a sweeping velodrome surrounded three pictches and set the stage for a cracking weekend.

We began day one 24th out of 28, and 6th in our pool of 7, so we had a lot to prove. And prove it we did! 4 strong wins against LED2, Merseyside, Black Sheep, and The Brown put us 3rd in our group, losing out only to indoor titans JR1 and Flyght Club.

Strong zone D and flowing offence were the order of the day to put these teams to the sword, with Brixton really gelling as a team and showing real strength to come back to win games from behind.

Extremely pleased with earning an 11th position, we headed out for a few laps of pizza hut, and a wild dance-dance-revolution chase, before settling down to code names and PAP with some questionable descriptions. Any idea what this is describing:


Sunday brought us a series of tough games against a nippy and grabby Hex, an intense Chesham Kites, and a tall and patient Prone, where we would start strongly taking the lead or trading, but would lose our steam and miss connections we would normally be making.

This meant that we had a final game against LED1 to go home on a high. It didn’t start well and we lost the first three points. But we dug deep and with 90 seconds to go we had brought the score back to 4-2. One more point for us would mean we would be within one point and play would continue past the buzzer.

Joe had perfected his knife pulls over the weekend and right on cue he put the disc right in the back corner of the endzone, meaning that Jon could set the force on a strong zone on the back line. 3 seconds later, the disc is hand blocked, and Brixton are on offence with the disc on the endzone line.
60 seconds left on the clock. LED set their flood, Brixton held their nerve, dumping and swinging, biding their time, until finally Lindsay breaks away from her mark and spirits for the back corner to receive the incoming blade from Jon. Disc caught, check feet, point to Brixton!

Now within one point, there is no time limit. If Brixton score it it ties the game, if LED score they win. The intensity cranks up! We throw out some more zone to slow them down and force a turn! We go for a quick look to the endzone but it doesn’t come off and we lose possession again and unfortunately for the last time, LED move up the pitch quickly with high discs and get the final point to win the game.

We came away from the game and from the tournament in high spirits knowing we had played really well, given a fantastic effort, improved a lot over the weekend, and done ourselves proud.

A good sign of things to come, and a great foundation to build on for Mixed Tour!

Final position: 16
Seeds beaten: 8
MIP: Rachel
MSP: Lindsay
MVP: Joe

Quotes of the weekend:

Jacqui – I’ve got too many balls in my mouth and it’s all Joe’s fault

Jacqui – oh my days I think I got pot noodle on your bed

China – wise people don’t take black

Rachel – seems like too much effort to put it in my mouth.

Jacqui – The brown ? I want to get on their asses

**Next time you see Soni ask him to say ‘perpendicular’

Jacqui – that’s tiny though but the ball is bigger

Sylvester to Jacqui – It was at the NFL Combine..
Jacqui – That’s basketball right ?
Jacqui – No baseball.. *Sylvester laughs*
Jacqui – So which one is basketball ?

Joe – I really want to know more about reach arounds

Rachel – You can put your leg over, I’m tiny anyway

Soni – I fucking pushed her head down

Joe to Jacqui – It’s the sheets that suffer

Soni – How would you act out incest ?

Sylvester to Jacqui – We got camel toe

Jacqui – *looking into China’s eyes** It’s so wet

Soni to Lindsay – can you please replay incest ?

Soni – I’d rather fuck my tongue than my throat


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