Big thanks to Matt for this write up of this one day tournament!


Cold weather, dark skies, an early train to Walsall – it can mean only one thing: Brixton’s first indoor tournament of the winter, AWOL.

An intense one-day tournament with eight games and little respite in between was the perfect test for all the training we’ve been put through over the last two months, and, sure enough, they paid off.

After a slow start against Chesham, where a little early-morning bleariness crept into Brixton’s game, the six-strong squad then put on a good showing for the rest of the day. Shrugging off the big defeat in the first game, Brixton challenged Danger and Flyght Club in two closely-contested and highly-spirited games. Whilst both games were lost, it was clear that we had learnt some important lessons about our first game, and were no pushover.

A further loss in the crossover pool killed Brixton’s hopes of a top eight finish, but three back-to-back wins thereafter showed the potential of the team and were a clear demonstration of our ability and development as we really got into our rhythm of fluid, quick-moving ultimate.

And so, we ended up playing in the plate final against a team who really lived up to their name: BFG. They were tall. All of them. And, ultimately, they rammed home that height advantage in what was a tense and, at times, fraught contest. Despite a one-sided score line of 9-5, we had flashes of brilliance in the game, really showing off our speed and fluidity with some sharp, precise movement of the disc.

This left Brixton finishing in 10th, three places lower than our original seed of seven. Whilst maybe not the result we had all hoped for, there were some definite signs of us being a strong, well-drilled team throughout the day. Whilst on O our slick free-flowing movement was clear to see, on D, all that work on zone had paid massive dividends. Our wall in particular was rock solid, forcing teams to spend minutes swinging the disc only to still turnover, and frustrating the rhythm of many of our opponents. Positive signs for the rest of the season.

Every member of the squad contributed large amounts, and positive things were easily found to say about all. Some notable features were: Soni and Theo’s aerial work, bringing down discs they had no right to to provide a strong threat in the end zone; Jacqui’s ability to find space as a cutter, improving game-on-game across the day; Jim and Matt’s quick disc movement at the back, providing a solid handler base for the team; and Jon’s stellar work on the force when chasing in the wall, forcing many turnovers through his unrelenting pressure.