In mid December, a small band of Brixtonites made their way South once more. And kept going, because Plymouth is freakin’ miles away. That can only mean one thing: Iron 5’s! The team consisted of Jim, Matt, Will, Pat, and a late pickup from long time Brixton friend, Jack Bowyer. Also attending was the indomitable sideline presence of Tracy. Starting off well with strong wins over Picnic 1 and Shake It Off, Brixton were soon brought back down to earth by the highly energetic, tall grabby team of Brexeter. Vowing to get back into it, they marched into their match against 50 Shades of Lay determined to win. It was a very close match, and went down to universe point at 6-6. With barely any time left on the clock, 50 Shades threw a blade to the smallest player on the pitch. We breathed a sigh of relief as the ever reliable Matt stuck up his hand to make the D, only to feel agony as he gallantly let it bounce out of his hand, over his head, and into the hands of the 5ft girl waiting behind him in the endzone.

Saturday night was all party, with pizza, gambling with beer, and finally dredging up the moves to the Macarena, Fast Food Song, Saturday Night and the Cha Cha Slide.

On the Sunday, a loss against the ever strong Purple Cobras wasn’t the ideal start, but then came the match against Scorpions. For those of you new to Brixton this indoor season, you may not know Pat. He doesn’t like indoors because he “always gets injured”, something he had pointed out several times over the weekend. True to form, he made a bid on a disc, fouled his mark, and ran into a wall. Bouncing back onto the pitch, and visibly reeling, his mark graciously gave him 10 seconds respite before “um…Foul?” was called. Pat continued the match, which ended in a 4-4 draw, but immediately afterwards he decided that A&E was the right place for him. Joining many other Iron 5 players there, he eventually returned with his arm in a sling, a verdict of a broken arm, and Brixton were down to 4 for the last pool match against Rainbow Unicorns. Fortunately, they were also a man down, and Bafter a match of 4vs4, Brixton took the win, finishing 5th in the pool. With Tracy stepping in for the injured Pat, Brixton entered the knockout stages, beating Mind The Gap and Swansea, before losing to Santa’s Little Helpers, who made good use of the mismatch. Brixton finished a long weekend 20th out of 32.

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