A bullet point summary of the weekend’s events, because, why write a whole report when you can just write bullet points; pretty much like, why wait for Stall 2 when you can release a Hammer on Stall 1…

* Those who travelled up North to Matt and Joe’s hood: Matt and Joe (Obv!) + Rachel, Angie, Jacqui, Rio, Audrey, Tahlia, Sean, Soni, Will F, Boon, Syl and Jack and definitely Lindsay.

* Jacqui got us an accommodation to pity ourselves

* Pub nearby likes to display cakes in a revolving showcase, but not let the hotel guests eat them

* Breakfast was great, Boon waits for ages, muffins and flapjacks were pilfered

* Matt was spotted walking alone on the roads leading to the sports venue. There were 2 spare spots in our cab, not a single soul offered to help him. Must be a reason why Joe didn’t want to drive him there in the first place.

toe nail

* First Game: York. Neck and Neck went to universal point. O-Line Scored many points, D-Line could’ve had more breaks. Breakfast was chundered.

o Game was a narrow loss with a 12-10 scoreline.

* Second Game: Merseyside Ultimate (MUC). Straight after first game. Brixton found it hard, memories are vague, but most points were scored by D-Line (which were not too many)

o Game was a loss with 10-5 scoreline

* Big break after: lots of Tell her, Tell him played, met Jim the American

* Third Game: Black Sheep 2. Gathered focus and came out firing. They put Zone, Brixton broke it. Got a pretty good lead to half time (possibly 8-1), hence roll on subs. Worked on ruthlessness and Tahlia’s Aunt and Uncle got to see Brixton in its highlight.

o Game was a win with 14-5 scoreline

* Cool Down, watched some Deep Space, more Tell her, Tell him.

* Girls went to pray for Day 2’s performance in some cathedral

* Spice Lounge Indian Curry was booked for team dinner, possibly due to China’s absence

* Rio fancies some Haryali and Pathia in her

* Food was hammered around on Stall 1- Jack was having a ball

* Firth finally told Rachel IT, and you won’t believe what she did next…

* A second trip to McDonalds was commissioned to retrieve the Crème egg McFlurry. A fellowship was formed #EquipodelSawn

* Day Two First Game: DUF. One of the most fun and frustrating games of the tournament. O-Line scored hard fought points. D-Line got the zone on and got a well-deserved break. Brixton went ahead in the game, but couldn’t hold it.

o Game was a loss 10-7 Scoreline.

* Day Two Second Game: The Brown 1. Hairy Will’s favourite team in their (almost) home ground. Points were being scored both sides. A few unforced errors ensured they had a narrow lead throughout. Brixton zone gave them questions and forced turns. More swinging was required. Some sick grabs, some good scores.

o Game was a loss with 10-7 scoreline

* MIP- Angie

* MSVP- Boon

* Long wait before train back. Ultimate burger was consumed much to Audrey’s reluctance (when a girl says it’s fine, it’s not fine)

* Highest altitude train station was found, beers were consumed, Cow Sheep Cow Sheep Pig Pig Horse was actively NOT played and Sean is on Facebook