First hand reporting from our very own Tracy Hannigan, on location in Cheltenham:

Mixed Tour 3 started with a playful Facebook argument between Jim and Jacqui about the definition of bread after Tracy let slip the baking a universe point winning banana bread.  Violations were called and possessions were challenged, but in the end spirit won out with both banana bread and Frisbee love at MT3.



Brixton v Sneakys  2-15

A glorious morning upon a dew tipped pitch in the sunshine, the majority of Brixton arrived just in time to prevent an all out Brixton IronPerson team.  Sneaky was not particularly sneaky as they smashed us a bagel through the first half.  Playing the 7th seeded team was always going to be a challenge, and and we found it difficult to break their defence.  Our famous pep rally and circle dance helped us gather the energy and spirit to land a couple of points on the board, but we capped out, nodded out, and left it on the pitch… going straight into our next match with renewed energy. Helped by the banana bread, of course.


Brixton v Jest We Forget 5-8

The theme of this game was GIRL POWER.  Brixton’s boobies brought home every single point we scored. Fantastic assists from the guys, the girls really found their home in the opponent’s end zones at just the right time and place.  A fantastic and gritty game plagued with dropsies on both sides, we saw perhaps the most epically long point in the history of Ultimate which featured not one but TWO time outs.  Brixton called both but standing next to the captain one of our little spies was told that if we hadn’t they would have!  We clinched that point with the help of our energising sideline and focus on our structure, and capped out on our time just in time to get some much needed food and rest.


Brixton v Guildford 13-9

Our first win of this Tour, and the birthplace of Jackie ‘The Callahan’ Harrison.  The game was epic on a lot of emotional levels, with Jon bashing his head on dropsies, Jim being a grump, and Sean doing his amazing uber spirit rally combined with a ‘cover the fucking open under’ speech.  All our girls notched up the action on on O and D and our zone was awesomely effective, causing lots of shit throws and turfs which resulted in turnovers we could capitalise on.

Sunday FunDay!

pat sprint

Brixton v Reading 2 7-13

Another glorious morning!  Camp Brixton was set early and we warmed up to prepare for cutting up an incline all day!  Reading came out hard and played a good variety of our favourite porn of vert and ho.  Our defense shut them down often with a very effective zone, but forced and unforced dropsies got to us. Every point was a battle, and it wasn’t an easy win for Reading.


Brixton v Steal 12-8

When we sing together, we win together – again, of our reflective and dancing timeouts and our amazing sideline songs let us rip forward from being down 2-5 to surge forward and Steal it from Steal 12-8 in the end.  Really good use of all of our players let us keep their defence busy while we sorted out not throwing to the downhill far right corner ever again! Sean decimated their D with up the line cuts, and Jon was a running and catching fiend!  Will’s effort at an amazing point was prevented by a ‘from the ground foot block’ technique by a defender who had knocked himself over …an epic OMG moment for both sides!  But even better we get to chant ‘GIRLS’ as the winning point was a fantastic swing to China with a backhand to Jim for the score.  Being leaner in offence, and having more solid person D and got us into the zone for stealing the win.  We all danced like rabid hippies afterward and took our energy through lunch and into our next match!


Brixton v The Brown  7-14

The last game of Tour, vying for 41st.  Brixton v Brown. These first few point on defence were more interesting than solving a rubix cube without the help of You Tube.  A fantastically fun game, despite the 13-7 Loss, Brown threw a few interesting plays we hadn’t seen yet in this particular Tour.  They apparently did some Mexican offence thingie to start. With a couple of Americans on board, you’d think we’d have asked Trump to help us build a wall around that, but instead we etched ourselves into the fray and they abandoned this ploy and so began a proper person-on Frisbee battle.  Sean and Jon’s supportive and tactical coaching helped the team neutralise their ISO girl machine, and our girls amped up another level of defence and created lots of helpful turnovers.  Great handing and defence by Daniel and Patrick and Jim and a bromance of give and gos between Jim and Dan made the Browns serve up  lots of ale for every point they eeked out.  We crushed back with several points and pressed them with our amazing defensive prowess until the end. Unfortunately even Scott’s ‘I had my other hand in the pitch’ rolling layout point wasn’t enough to bring us up for the win.


After tough inverted pinkie deliberation, MSP and MVP went to Jacqui for her indomitable cheerfulness and singing, ever present ‘there when needed’ cutting and smart grabs and of course the Callahan….pretty bloody awesome!  MIP went to Claire who over the course of the tournament really was shining brightly as a handler with vision, thoughtfulness and brilliant execution.  It was tough to decide on these ‘wins’  with some near ties – which just goes to show that the whole team is appreciating the development, spirit and contribution of all of it’s players.  That’s the BIGGEST WIN :)

on the line

From my own perspective, this was only my second tournament – the newest beginner in the roster.  I found the support and coaching fantastically supportive.  I am pretty self critical which is not always in my best interests, but I personally feel I developed a lot over the course of MT3 on my defensive positioning and marking and I have been very excited by that.
tracy on d
After watching Brixton for a long while following Jim around last year, and playing myself for just a handful of months, I felt like Brixton used their girls more than ever in this tournament. This helped to keep other team’s defence honest (where in the last tournament a more lazy type defense was sometimes used to shut us down which required more energy and effort from the guys on our squad).  Now, this might be in part due to the experience of the girls on the squad this time around, as well as their fitness/speed relative to their defenders – but also I think is due in part to recognising that using everyone on the team in their strengths benefits everyone on the team –  and I could see that everyone was making an effort to do this. This effort helped us girls use our strengths for the benefit of the team as a whole and built our confidence as team members with particular strengths and roles (IE, handler capable girls being used as handlers to free up fast guys to cut, defender strong girls being expected to play strong intelligent defence).  This also made us step up our game all around, both on offence and defense.  Brixton girls are a spirited bunch who love to contribute to the Brixton vibe :)  The more you use us the happier we are.  No porn intended.
Knowing where my personal beginnery type weaknesses are (throwing under pressure, or the timing of my cutting for example), I personally wanted to focus my improvement priorities where it was most useful to the team in a competitive tournament: on my defensive positioning and secondarily on my cutting/availability. I felt I succeeded in that and I thought it was cheered on and supported.  For example, I got to mark one of the Reading handlers a few times and thought this was a great balance for me – I put on a good mark and prevented a lot of swings to her which capitalized on my ability there – even though I couldn’t outrun her to the end zone after a fake I didn’t expect (though I was bloody hot on her heels) I recognized the lane to block and did my best to cut across it. I felt that I used the ability I did have to help the team vis her role (marking her, preventing too many swings), and worked on developing skills I need to develop (speed and throwing prediction) when she was doing something other than her usual role.
sean flick
A few months ago I wasn’t sure what to do with myself or where a vertical stack should be. I feel I’ve come a long way with the support every Brixtonite. Each and every person was involved in every game over MT3 and the newer people progressed a lot over the course of the weekend.  Spread the Brixton Love!!
jh jq catch line 2