Seeded 17th

Finished 11th

Team –








Sylvester (When not playing for his other team)

The weekend started with a bit of a transport nightmare. First Sean got caught up in our amazing transport system that is TFL – informing us he was stuck in Wimbledon and wouldn’t make it till game two. Next Simon inexplicably managed to run out of petrol. Forcing poor Joe to make a mile long dash to the nearest petrol station in pouring rain to get some more. 30 seconds before the start of our first game they arrived and we could begin …

Game 1 vs Bear Knuckle – Lost 7-4

First game against an experienced bears team. We started well and put a few points on the board. However they seemed to wake up and realise we weren’t going to be push overs despite our low seeding. They upped their game as more mistakes crept into ours. A bit of first game syndrome.

Game 2 vs Hog Minimum – Lost 7-5

House’s team consisted mainly of Bear Minimum players. They came out strong and got a lead on us. However us Brixton lot are resilient and came back very strong. Jon hand-blocking a Clapham player was the highlight. We brought it back to 5-5. They scored a 6th and as we were pushing for an equaliser they finished us off. Houses team would go on to be runners up.

Game 3 vs Bears 5 – Won 6-3

They ran there weave and were fast on D, however nothing beats experience as we won comfortably in the end. We finished 3rd in the pool – fighting for plate.

Game 4 – Phoenix Knights – Won 8-1

They threw on a zone all game. We were patient with our scores. Never in doubt, the only negative is it could have been a bagel!

After a trip to Zizzi’s we went prinking (pre drink for you oldies) in our travel lodge hotel. We came up with a drinking game involving dice and jagermaester. At one point the rule was Jacqui had to play the game from the toilet. We almost got kicked out the travel lodge for making too much noise. The party wasn’t great – theme 2014 and we went as the ice bucket challenge. DJ was terrible but there was a pool table, we spent a lot of the night watching Sean and Joe give a master-class in how not to pot a ball.

Game 5 – Afterburn – Won 9-2

We woke up after drinking some horrible green cocktail. Can’t remember too much – we were better than the other hung over people.

Game 6 – Bears 2 – Won 8-3

Possible the best we played against a disciplined bears team. The game can be summed up with a point that lasted 5 minutes (around 8.30 on the video). They ran there weave but couldn’t make a break through. We turned them, then held onto the disc to score through a very tough zone. The score line shows how good we have become at closing down that weave.

Game 7 – Lemmings – Lost 7-6

A very tight game. They had handlers that could break and we traded all the way until the end. A small mistake at the end cost us, next weekend we need to win these tight games!

Game 8 – Justdisc League – Won 11-4

This is one of the most ridiculous games I’ve played in – please watch the video if you want to see

Jon’s Callahan

Joes behind the Back Score

Matts through the Leg Score

Jacquis amazing hammer grabs

An old man laying out

Sylvester thinking he’s too cool for his footwear

All to some hilarious Bears commentary …

Then watch this :

An Improvement throughout the weekend and with a bit more luck in the pools we could of easily broken top 8. A fun way to run off the Xmas turkey!

MIP – Jacqui

MVP – Ben

The weekend ended how it started (or not started as was the case) …… Si left his lights, ran out of battery and had to be jumped started. For those keeping score –

Nissan Note 2 – 0 Jaguar

Good Times,


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