Burla… Burla .. Burla

You may have broken our toes, filled our crevices with sand, made us sick, and worked every muscle in our body…. But you have not yet defeated us just yet. In fact, you have made us stronger… Faster… Fitter… And of course… The top placed British team of the tournament!

For those of you who sadly weren’t there, here is a recap on the events which unfolded.


So, you’re in Italy – you’ve just found your mates and its drink o’clock. What else do you do but make raging hangovers ready for your matches the next day…

Mission complete

Still pissed and scraping our way to the beach, we managed to get everyone on the court and secure our first win despite the multitude of wines and limoncellos from the previous night. A first win for Brixton… And more significantly, I beat my personal best of scoring nil points for Brixton and I made it to 1! I caught a disk in the bloody end zone! Winner!

burla 1

 (it clearly wasn’t this moment but you get the drift)

As a reward, we won a gift of confectionary when Skyhawks presented us with some regional chocolate from their motherland. (12 – 9)

Unfortunately not everyone was so giving, after losing the next two games, our spirits were failing us, and our hangovers were getting worse. We devised a punishment for other players with the delicacy they call…. GRAPPA in a bid to weaken them. Did it work? No. But MVP of the team wishes he would no longer try so hard next time.

Results for these lost games were :

Brixton vs Vola bas 5 – 13

Brixton vs F4Fun 9 – 3

The final match of the day we pushed it hard and collected our second win for the tourament vs Barbearians! (11 – 6) The victory meant that we secured our place in the top 8 of the tournament and unfortunately ABH, didn’t quite make the cut. Ooooooooooo

We still didn’t know if Jon bought the drinks last night with the €70 he lost, or if the money fell out of his bra but what we did know is that we were unable to drink the Friday and an early night it was.

So Saturday. Arguably the most important day of the tour. We were joined by the delightful Tracey who brought cheerleading, false eyelashes, and wigs!





Fresh faced and raring to go we started off really well against a very strong beach team called Quattro Stazioni. They ran us hard and took the win, but not before we scored 6 points against them – triple the points scored by a certain other London team… Final score was 6-13.

This was followed by another tough match, this time against the eventual tournament runners up Flying Fish, with a loss of 3-13. Then we had a rematch with the Italians from the previous day, Vola Bas. Now with the tactic of zone defence, we really pushed them hard and challenged their style of play. Unfortunately, we were defeated by them again but as a team we were encouraging, patient and guiding everyone from the sidelines (thanks Cat). The final score was 7-12 to them.

House scored a triumphant point after Soni’s mack against Flying Fish and continued to give us those accurate hooks to the end zones. Will gave us a tantalising lay out against Barbearians with just his finger tips that had us on the end of our seats!



Soni was showing us some excellent D’s with some high kicks and some super power sprints. And of course…the ultimate layout by the wonderful Rhys who held us in suspense as the dust cleared, only to surface with the gleaming disc in his hands.


Although we were ravishingly defeated, we cannot deny that the excitement of dressing up was looming over us. The boys hurried to the showers (some took longer than others – Soni)


and the make overs began!


Jon’s luscious long locks were too much to handle, but Ant took his alter ego in his stride and strutted down cobbled paths in stilettos better than salmon swim upstream.


After Will successfully hitchhiked and pulled over a mini van,


and Soni had paid for an evening of fun from our delightful drags,


(soni overpaid by the looks of things)

The party was in full swing. I scored the best layout of the tournament with several stage dives and broken shins and Jon scored 8/10 from behind by a local uomo.


And finally Sunday… More hangovers, aching limbs, and dodgy make up and panda eyes… We commenced on our final two matches. Arguably the toughest of them all. We were up against the cream of the crop… the crème de la crème… The ultimate champions! We had no chance… but we played hard! We learnt from each point and we were persistent, disciplined and patient.

Again … We lost. :(

Brixton vs F4Fun 5-9

Brixton vs 45 Giri 4-13

Then there were the awards…..




Other victories include…


Most see through shorts : SONI

Most willies seen : 3 (Cat)

Most broken toes : 2 (Ant)

Best layout : (Rhys / China )

Best drag : we can’t decide!

Best ocean knock out : Tracey

MIP : China

MVP : Rhys

Best sun screen sweat : Rhys

No bagel – BRIXTON

Best white t-shirt – Ant


And finally, if you haven’t seen them already then check out these videos before buzzfeed get a hold of them and they become old news: