Now, My memory of who we played and when we played them is poorly hazy. So I shall make this report a little less lengthy than last time and get to the dirty grimy events that occurred in the magical place we call – Burla.

Having already been a year before, most of us had high expectations for this amazing place. Sun – Sea – Frisbee and the occasional naked German. And boy, naked did we get!

The first night – we played a dangerous game of ring of fire.

ring of fire

The boys were kissing each other…

the girls were being awesome… and then we met JUDY!

Now, for those who were there, we really had no problem with her taking her kit off outside our cabin. Cool, its European, she’s European, that’s just what they do. But then somehow, somewhere, she slipped into the bunk bed bedroom and gave us quite the show. Theo had an excellent 1 on 1 bump and grind whilst he was sleeping. Fran nearly phoned the police and Jon used all his might to refrain from squeezing those boobs of hers! In the meantime, I watched from the top bunk, trying to ignore her eye contact as she insisted to sleep in my bed. We all got a little attention, a little agro, and the Fran had enough and banished her from the party house!

Unfortunately we lost Theo that night to a cabin of a different team and Judy went on her merry way to be found by security with no clothes on, and settled in a stranger’s cabin.

Friday –
Our first match was a victory against the Russian Mixed Nationals (last year’s champions). They decided we were too good to play so instead, they forfeited the game giving us a great head start!

Throughout the rest of the day we were drenched, cold, and miserable. Not a dry crevice in the house nor a warm shoulder to cry on. Each match saw us lose but regardless of the weather, we still worked as team, picked each other up, and bonded like we have never bonded before.

team attack Chris
At dinner time, the restaurant poured its little heart down and we were flooded into this small avenue of tables. The cabins had lost power and had nothing to do but to sleep, rest, and pray for a better tomorrow.
This was our day!
Lets skip straight to those highlights …

Tracey (MIP) – Layed out to catch many a disc!
Nailed marking her opponent regardless of their speed or age – her player never had a look in.
Nearly scored two points and had an amazing assist to …

Chris – He did a double lay out catching Tracey’s assist (It was like the disco worm).
Saved a dog from freezing to death in the thunderstorm.
Walked a million miles to find cash machines.
Layed out more times than he threw the disc, especially when he saved ….

China – Who missed a disc and stood on his foot whilst he fell to the floor. Brutal.
Conquered the mid position in our unbeatable zone and let no opposition through!
Had a few cheeky D’s and surprise back up grabs.
Brought the bants, bad humour and crude jokes, until …

Jim – Taught us that a ‘deal is a deal’ – (it is too bad to be repeated).
Our MVP for the whole tournament because of his wisdom, encouragement, and advice.
He showed us how to pop a balloon on Tracey’s crotch with just one thrust.
Who knew this boy could Salsa? …. with …

Marie – She threw like I have never seen before!
Always impressing us with her handling and roll curves.
Showing Jon that he got beaten by a girl from Gentle, TWICE!
Going for a wee and spewing in a bucket after someone’s poo sell.
Quote of the tournament- ‘You are NOT a 32, you are at LEAST a 34!’ Those boobs belong to …

Louise – Always carrying the valuables bag.
But always forgetting the carry the grappa.
Never mentioning how she had been stung in the head by a wasp.
Despite not playing Frisbee at all, she was always there to watch …

He also played pretty well.
There were a few classic hammer throws, we still can’t tell if they were good or bad.
He probably still has glitter on his face just like …

Jon – The shortest shorts of the century; he should be burned for indecent exposure.
Regardless, he still nearly got lucky with a 16 years old as he went to her cabin to ‘check out her ID’.
Layed out so far from the disc it was almost embarrassin.
Didn’t drop the disc as much as usual, infact, he caught 90% of his discs, but didn’t look as good as …

Ant – did in those hot pants.
Walked amazingly in those heals.
Broke Chinas new iphone
Crashed into Jacqui mid point because he had just missed her so much. Speaking of …

Jacqui – What a woman. Nearly being chased down by a man but having a toe dropping layout to rescue the disc.
Laying out everywhere and styling out so many of those throws!
Falling for Marie and China’s lies about the black war marks being washed off in the sea.
Rocking the fro at Woodstock party along with …

Theo – His little fro was nothing compared to his amazing D’s!
He surpvived a kick ot the head but struggled to eat apples.
He hated Dobble with a passion, but made up for it in witty jokes.
Getting his wiggle on in the group boomerang.
Being straddled by naked Judy until …

Fran – Kicked naked Judy out of the cabin and gave me and Jon her own crotch climbing frontal.
Blessed us with a car for rides as it poured and poured.
Kept morale high as always and only stayed for 2 nights :-(
Despite being away for a year, it was like she had never left :-)

To end with, we had the final. We were hungover, Jon was wearing next to nothing, and the other team were just great. They did teach us one thing …

If you jizz in a girls eye and kick her in the leg, you can call it ‘The Pirate’.
Happy Burla peeps.

Until next time !
Peace out.

China Jordan

wet cheer sunset sunset 3 marie sumo chris and duane chris and duane2 war paint war paint 2 party selfie jq and will on stage ant in costume c j t humpage chris china bum bag love what man of the people