Far from the usual Sunday morning lie ins that we’re all used to, on 17th April, Brixton journeyed across the city to the ludicrously gorgeous setting of Greenwich Park, to take on Zero Degrees Ultimate in the first of a two leg friendly.


Having started as a pick up team in Greenwich Park 24 years ago, Brixton returned to it’s original home ground to show the new generation who is really the “first” ultimate team!

Coming off the back of three huge training sessions, Brixton were primed to take on the one year old team with fresh tactics and fierce energy.

pano 4 (Large)

And having won the toss and starting on offence, Brixton of course turn over straight away and ZD take the first point of the game.

A false start, no big deal. Brixton would quickly regain control of the game and not let go. My best contribution to the game came early in the match with a perfectly weighted flick boosted up two thirds of the pitch to the end zone for a sprinting Will E to run on to and score Brixton’s first point.

DSC_1910 (Large)

In my delirium from the best flick I’ll ever throw and depression that my frisbee career has already peaked, I blacked out for much of the rest of the game and have little memory of the rest of the events that took place, but here’s what I do remember in no particular order or accuracy:

Fantastic pulls from Elliot


Marie taken out early in the game when a ZD player charged through her shoulder to make a late bid on a disc that Marie had already grabbed. Unfortunately that saw Marie out with injury for the rest of the game :-(


Tracey, Pete, and Chiho shutting out all options in the cup on zone d, causing repeated turns.

DSC_1807 (Large)

Heather keeping her marks quiet, and non-stop running.


Brixton win the first half 8 – 3

pano 2 (Large)

Chiho performing well in all areas, with the opposition on the sideline commenting “Wow. She’s incredible. Is it her hat?”


DSC_1798 (Large)

Jim with his trademark rock solid handling and sending lots of discs long for our cutters to run on to.


Soni getting bookends.

Will on Will action – repeated good connections from these two, and both put lots of points on the board.

will f

DSC_1859 (Large) (2)

will e (Large)

Great cuts from Tracy always getting free and creating space.


Fearless D and strong discipline from Sean


Ridiculous leaps and gratuitous layout grabs and from Luke.

luke (Large)


Safe handling and aggressive cutting from Pete.

DSC_1933 (Large)


At around 12-4, Brixton started to show some fatigue, mistakes crept in, heads dropped, and ZD started to make a comeback, gaining momentum and at one point scoring 4 points in a row. During an agonisingly long game point at 14-7, Zero Degrees turned the disc right at their end zone and Brixton decided across the pitch that time-outs were definitely allowed and we were having one right then and there! Sean took the stand with a rousing speech, and with a single oxymoronic statement riled us into a state of blind euphoria: STAY FUCKING POSITIVE! And with a loud roar Brixton returned to the field rejuvenated, refocussed, and ready to put this game to bed! Shortly afterwards, Zero Degrees score their 8th point.

But it was to be their last, and after a couple of miscues in the end zone (including a spectacular drop in the end zone by yours truly from a perfect pass from Jim), we finally got that final point. Brixton win 15-8!

DSC_1936 (Large)

This was a really great way to start our competitive outdoor season, and a real boost going into Mixed Tour 2 knowing that we have players who have demonstrated very well everything that we’ve been drilling in our training sessions, and gives me every confidence in our success this coming weekend.

Looking forward to the return leg of the fixture on home turf!