Good morning Angels,

At this time last weekend the Angels were descending upon Glastonbury for a weekend tournament to round off the competitive outdoor season.
Here’s what happened, as written by our very own Mr Joe Carr:

Glastonbury 2014 Tournament Report

So here is my eagerly awaited inaugural tournament report for Glastonbury 2014! After a fantastic weekend of frisbee, fun and blisters it’s fairly hard to give a blow by blow account of all the action however please find below the Brixton highlight reel with some memorable points and heroic moments from all involved. Now while the results may indicate the weekend was not a total success, I’m proud to say on behalf of the team that the losses never felt hard and we left heads held high with some incredible performances against tough opposition. The fact that we were iron man throughout only made the challenge greater however we gelled well and ended up playing some top notch ultimate. We had numerous offers of fit, healthy pickups however they were all politely turned down, who needs GB players anyway!

glasto 2

Day 1

Chundering Chumps 9-7 Brixton Angels

After arriving to the ground only minutes before the tournament kicked off we just had time to change and jog over to the pitch before a doing a leisurely 2 minute warm up. What was clear from the outset was that these guys were big, and LOVED to run. Predictably chumps started strong and took an early lead however suddenly Brixton switched on and gstar Jacqui racked up 3 awesome grabs to pull the game back. Chumps sadly kept scoring, and the whistle was blown with the score 9-5. They confidently agreed to play to 10 and with this Brixton stepped it up another gear with a cracking layout from Hughes and an even better one from myself closing the gap. All round a pretty decent start!

Beast Mode 13-2 Brixton Angels

With tents pitched and muscles stretched Brixton lined up to face one of the top teams in the tournament: Beast Mode, tall quick and fairly arrogant sums them up nicely. Regardless Brixton started strongly scoring the first point after a superb take from Jon once again. But then they clicked into gear and really started to rack up the points and put the game beyond sight. However a major highlight has to be a wonderful assist from Marie to myself which evaded everyone and fell straight into my hands. Shortly after this Jacqui managed to catch a disc between her thighs while being marked by a 6″4′ monster, she then proceeded to do the biggest celebratory travel by jumping up and down in the air! I also managed to send a superb looking side arm straight into the ground 3 feet in front of me. Fantastic. All in all, there were good moments but oh my they were quick.

Hexagonal Heroes 10-8 Brixton Angels

The final game of the day was by far our strongest and we once again proved that numbers didn’t matter as we took Heroes to the wire. This was the first game where we really started to click and all benefitted from one hell of a team talk from Si. Even though we were tired it never really showed (myself not included) and the hands of Marie, Jacqui, and James were incredibly solid. We started well this time taking an early lead and more great grabs from our very own JTM and debutant, James, which kept the game close. Jon, who lethal as ever at both ends of the pitch, bolted back lightning quick to gain position over a Fire player in a defensive aerial move, the likes of which has not been seen outside of Street Fighter. However they began to take a lead and Si called a wise TO as we were struggling to deal with their zone. Si emphasised, “Play the simple pass! And the point will come.” How right he was and Brixton then produced the point of the tournament with unbelievable work from Milo and Si to handle the disc with care, working their way slowly up the pitch, involving every team member, before Si picked out James with the perfect pass to complete a wonderful move. Riding on this wave of confidence Milo was then smacked back to reality as he followed in my steps by throwing a disc into the ground with pinpoint precision. In the end they just pipped us after the buzzer was called but it was one hell of an effort from the team as we showed what we were capable of.

Day 2

Curve 8-7 Brixton Angels

The second day started much like the first in many respects: we were fairly late and therefore the warm up was limited. It was also pretty obvious that some of us were struggling with the previous night’s festivities – namely Jacqui who had taken a fair amount of persuasion to get out of her tent! The game started very slowly from a Brixton point of view, with Si dropping the pull which was quickly turned over and scored by a fresh looking Curve. We then all began to make some shocking errors and it wasn’t until they had taken a healthy lead that the hangover began to sweat out. Or not in Jacqui’s case who had to take her own personal timeout over by the hedges to have a good old chunder. However, being a trooper she then rejoined the line to massive applause from all watching. Shortly after, Brixton clicked into gear. Jon put up a shocking pull, however then got the D AND point after a great put by Milo. The game remained close however a confident curve edged it in the end. But it was of course all worth it to see Jacqui throw up in a hedge.

Flea Circus 10-9 Brixton Angels

Before the game against flea circus we understandably felt confident. We had been joined by a healthy looking Sam who gave us another fantastic deep option and we were now warmed up and in good spirits. Flea circus also looked on paper our closest game thus far as they had fared similarly to ourselves. We certainly took the initiative and wasted no time in racking up a 3 point lead in what turned out to be our closest game of the tournament thus far. We started with such confidence that for the first time we realised we were the favourites to win but sadly this had a knock on effect as Flea Circus fought their way back into the game. Then came without doubt the most stylish point thus far with the dapper looking Canadian flicking his hair back, timing his run, before absolutely leaping over their defence and finishing a lovely point. The second half was neck and neck, and no one could pull away properly. However after a poor piece of handling from yours truly they took a 2 point lead and it looked like we were once again heading for defeat. Our response was emphatic with Jon demonstrating that you must always chase the disc down: the disc was thrown into Flea’s endzone for Jon to run on to, but two Flea players had position over him, each one looking for a defensive smash to the ground but instead they both macked the disc on before Jon put two grateful hands around it. The next point trumped even this! A fairly loose pass from myself forced Si into a layout grab, which oddly was caught between his knees. He then puts in a peach of a hammer for Marie who without doubt scores the best end zone grab of the match, laying out right into the back corner of the pitch. The game goes to sudden death with the buzzer called. And so begins one hell of a point which sadly Brixton never got hold of. After a good D, we could never really get a string of passes together and the opposition had 3 or 4 chances to win the game. Finally, more out of exhaustion than error, they worked it up the pitch on the break for a simple score. Our disappointment was huge, however on reflection we took part in a fantastic game and certainly our best thus far with stellar performances all round.

Steam 13-4 Brixton Angels

The final game against Steam was physically one of our most challenging, the last game of the tournament against yet AGAIN a small army of freaks. This time Milo was side-lined with a knee injury and we all felt the huge hole he left behind with the terrific handling he had displayed all weekend. We never really got going in this one and struggled to find the competitive edge we had during the previous match. We did, however, score the first point and assured in the knowledge we would not be bagelled, they then began to dominate. At the half we stood 7-2 down and were puffing quite badly. However our resolve was strong and when offered by a Fire player to help pick up we politely refused, preferring to end the tournament as we started. It may have been a heavy loss but it was against a great team with fantastic spirit so it wasn’t a hard defeat. We still ran hard right until the end and Marie put another quality disc into the end zone for me to hobble onto. With the final point scored it brought an end to a fantastic tournament which we all agreed was an absolute pleasure to be a part of. No defeat ever felt hard and we played some of the best ultimate all season!

Last but not least there are some special shout outs that must be made. Firstly a HUGE thanks must go to captain, cabbie and all round Frisbee jedi Si who once again made everything possible. Not only was he a superb handler, he also provided some pumping team talks which certainly got the best out of us and helped everyone relax and enjoy every game. The second and no less important cheers must go to Jon, superstar on the pitch and put in a fantastic effort in getting everyone together and making it all happen. It’s very easy to turn up on the day and have a run around but we must not forget the huge amount of work these two have put in to bring the show altogether. Last but not least a massive thanks goes to our 2 long distance travellers, while the majority were relaxing in the van Jackie and Sam braved national rail and made the journey to represent Brixton so huge respect goes to them.

It is also my great honour to announce that the winners of the MVP and MIP awards.

MVP – Jon

MIP – Milo

Huge congratulations to both, they are both certainly deserved!