On September 5th eleven Brixtonians headed to Somerset for the annual Glastonbury Ultimate tournament. After an evening of libations in the cricket pavilion the local youths of Glastonbury descended onto the pitches to pilfer all sorts of valuables.

Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny and found Brixton set against Devon’s Second Wind. Whether it was the earlier morning or the late night or some dangerous mixture of the two the first match started somewhat slowly. After a few hard fought points with more than a few turnovers the pace started to speed up. Employing future MVP Jon Hughes as the chase Brixton threw a suffocating 1-3-3 zone defense which allowed Brixton to shorten the field and put away some quick breaks before half. Holding serve the rest of the first round meant when the hooter went Brixton started out the weekend with a victory 8-5.

Straightaway Brixton had another stiff challenger in Shakedown. Right away it was clear that  Brixton would have to clean up some of the execution misfires in the first match. Brixton and Shakedown traded to 4s when Shakedown managed two breaks to gain the lead they would hold until the horn 10-7.

(below) Brixton’s Jim Scott going fully horizontal for a big score against ShakeDown


Next up was Disco Biscuits. This was another seriously hard fought game. Disco Biscuits shot out to an early lead going up 3-1 but Brixton. Brixton tried to force Disco Biscuits to beat them with their deep game with hard under marks. This caused some disruption but the Disco Biscuits were still able to connect on many of their deep shots. Notably Brixton was able to draw closer with great play from Anthony Ant Neal who had huge bookends with a run through D followed by going fully horizontal at the front cone for the score. Fun fact Ant can lift 20x his own weight, has brutally sharp mandible, and six legs.

Disco Biscuits were a little bit more rough and tumble than the first two games which meant there were a couple of spirited discussions over picks fouls etc.


(above) Brixton’s vertical stack with Jim Scott and Jacqui Harrison making hard cuts to space.

The final match of the day was against Brighton’s own Smash-D. Brixton took this young team completely by storm and jumped to a 3-0  lead. After the third break Brixton coach and local naturalist Sean Meaney stormed onto the pitch bare chested waving his shirt over his head yelling “THAT was a shirt off point!”

Smash’D started to wake up and brought the game back to tie the game at 5. From there unfortunately Brixton couldn’t hold off Smash’D’s younger cutters. The game was incredibly hard fought throughout but Smash’D jumped out win 13-5.

Then it was time for serious business. Chiefly, food, beers, drink, and dancing. The Saturday evening included many shining moments including more youths picking up an entire tent and stealing it Scooby Doo Style (Zoinks!). Chris got introduced to his girlfriend Louise by a stranger. Simon took up the proud mantle of trying to drink Flea (captain of our Sunday morning opposition) into oblivion. Last but not least the serious moves of Brixton Ultimate on the dance floor.

On Sunday morning Flea Circus and Brixton met on the Frisbee gridiron at the break of 11:00am. Flea Circus put out a good side if still slightly on the sauce from the night before. It was a fierce battle with a lot of energy both sides. Unfortunately Brixton was not able to pull ahead substantially and due to a miscue at their own end lost on universe point 15-14.

University of Exeter Uriel was the Brixton’s final challenge for the weekend. Brixton was able to clamp down a good 1-3-3 zone defense and get plenty of turns out of the Exeter side. Brixton was able to take half 9-7. Holding out and taking advantage of some mismatches Brixton was able to strike deep with a big flick huck from Jim Scott to Conor Hickey for the layout score. Brixton held out and took their final game of the tourney 15-13.

The awards for the weekend as voted by the team:

Most Valuable Player Jon Hughes

Most Spirited Player Jim Scott

Most Improved Player Jacqui Harrison

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