Hi Brixton,

Here’s the write up for our trip to London Indoor Winter League #3 in Dagenham yesterday.

I’ll let you in to a secret. Seven of the club heart frisbee so much that we chose to spend our Valentines day running around chasing disc in a huge aircraft-hanger-sports-hall in East London <3

We were in Division 2, and with an experienced team (Si, Jon, Matt, Dom, Ironside, Joe and myself) we had high hopes of a good finishing position to end the league.

Brixton 9 – 3 Scuba Divers
The first game was good, and for once we started as we meant to go on. Our flow was good and we used our experience to put in lots of easy scores to get an easy first win.

Brixton 5 – 5 St Albans II
This was a frustrating game, against a strong St Albans second team. They had a super fast GB junior (who is renowned being a bit “grumpy”) who made most of their plays happen, and a couple of good female handlers; we got frustrated with ourselves and this started showing in execution errors. We managed to hold on for the draw, but we could have and should have done better.

Brixton 6 – 3 Wild Boars
I think we went a couple of points down at the beginning of this game, but then we screwed our heads back on and got back into it. Our flow was working really well, as was the weave, and we converted this into the scores that we needed for a win.

Brixton 13 – 1 Apocalyptic’ows
This was a fun game against a huge team of international student beginners from Cranfield University. We knew they were inexperienced, but we didn’t let that affect how we played. Knowing that there may be a tie for the top we wanted to get our points difference up, so we kept our D strong and quickly converted our turnovers. We tried to do a call of Gibbon at the end of this game, but unfortunately our efforts were thwarted by the sports centre fun police.

Brixton 12 – 1 Cloud City
After finding out the results of the other games in the round-robin, we knew that if we won this game we would win the division. A bit of inside intel from Ironside said that the team weren’t the strongest team Cloud City could field, but we couldn’t underestimate this team who had Ange, an excellent Iceni handler, playing for them. Fortunately for us, everything we’d been working on during the day came together and we dominated the game from the start. This was a really enjoyable game and everyone played their part. We were also given a Valentines card with a bespoke Brixton poem inside (which Ironside took home and slept next to, in the absence of any true romance for his Saturday evening).

So we had done it, we had won Division 2 of LIWL3! Hooray! Our trophy was a glittery teal plastic bowl filled with sweets, and our prize was a game of Kan Jam, but unfortunately the TD had left it at home….. so we’ll have to wait for another time to play that.

Congrats to Dom who was voted MVP, and well done to Jon and Ironside who also received votes.

It was a really fun day, thanks everyone!