As the main focus of indoor training, this tournament came a little earlier this year. In 2015/16, we’d several tournaments under our belt, and much more practice. The 16/17 tournament came before Christmas, after half a dozen indoor sessions and one tournament. Nevertheless, Brixton sent two teams to the edge of “London”- Redbridge.
Group matches saw Brixton 1 pitted against Crustacean Nation, Reading 2, and local rivals Cloud City. Brixton 1 kicked it off with a strong 11-4 win over Reading 2, followed by a very closely fought match with Cloud City. Trading points all the way, Jon throwing hammers, some layout D’s, and some huge grabs made for a thrilling match with a loud sideline from both teams, but Cloud City edged it out to a 10-8 win. Nobody had heard of Crustacean Nation before, so it wasn’t too much of a surprise when a bunch of A-tour players showed up for some “fun”. Another tough match, and a 9-4 loss to the team that topped the group.

The second pool stage saw Brixton 1 end Saturday with a convincing 8-4 win over Cloud City 2. A chilly O and experienced players made for a fun match. Sunday morning kicked us off bright and early against familiar faces… Brixton 2! Rather than play all out, the teams were mixed up for some fun to get everyone warmed up for the day. Despite a broken wrist for Pete on BrixTwo, it was a great way to start for everyone else. The scoreline did not reflect the “result”, a “15-5 win” to Brixton 1. The next game saw us against another local side, Camden. A strong start with fluid play saw Brixton win 7-4 and top the pool.

The joy didn’t last long, as Reading 1 beat us in the 8-10 crossover, and left us facing Camden again. Out for revenge, with Brixton maybe a little complacent after the last match, Camden upped their game and took a narrow 9-7 win. An extremely close fought match against Jekyl and Hyde saw an 8-7 defeat, and we closed the day out with a heavy loss to a strong Chesham Kites team, who used their height and grabs to good advantage against Brixton’s zone.

Overall, there were many positives from the tournament, with a lot of close results that show where we need to improve over the season. Our zone was very effective in slowing teams down, but it also highlighted our need to work on zone offense, and adapting to plays by other teams. Given this was the start of our indoor season, we certainly hope to see large improvements by the end.