Hey guys and girls,

Sorry for the late writing of this! Hopefully my memory will still be fresh, i have managed to get the accurate results from the winter league website

Brixton turned up for an exciting one-day ultimate event in London at the massive pitches in Dagenham. For anyone who hasn’t played, the pitches are probably about a 3rd longer and wider and certainly have to draw an adaptation in play with more space to cut, greater fitness needed and deeper endzones. The format was one game on one game off with 20 minute games – a great format that keeps you warm and tests your fitness. So with that background here goes!

Brixton 4 – 9 Curve:

The first game on Saturday brought a fun game against Curve. Unfortunately this wasn’t to be the case, for now… We immediately went a 3/4 points down, turning over at the start of each point as we tried to get to know each other’s playing styles in these larger pitches. Curve are also notorious for making the best out of their offence and punished immediately. However, showing true Brixton spirit, we shook ourselves off and managed to get a succession of excellent D’s and converting them with a mix of calm play and smooth roll curves from Dom. As we edged closer to pulling level, Curve upped their game, capitalizing on a couple of questionable hammers to the end-zone. The game concluded 4-9 with Curve pulling ahead comprehensively in the last 5 minutes.

Brixton 5 – 9 Hermes Heroes:

After a very serious discussion and considering exactly what had lost us the curve game, we went into the Hermes Heroes game wanting to make a point and prove that we could play at the right level of aggression against a line of players that consisted of mostly Clapham and Fire players. And we did just that. Converting all of all of our first 3 O points and really pushing them on D. Keeping on their shoulder and pressuring them to make uncomfortable throws that did not come off. At 3-3 we were really making them sweat, and they responded strong, putting up some fantastic long throws and punishing us when we threw away. A couple of long shots didn’t come off and after that we were trading a few points and they started to pull away. In the end, their fitness and disc skills. Overall, this was an excellent game against a collection of brilliant players, everyone equipped themselves well, especially gemma, who was calm under-pressure, running the opposition over the pitch.

Brixton 5 – 8 Brighton PP:

Thankfully we were able to bring our D aggression into our game against a strong Brighton team, that would eventually go on to become runners up. This was a game won by Brightons excellent use of their tall players and fantastic disc skills – which accounted for probably 5 of their 8 points. They were able to capitalise on all of our mistakes, which were still a bit frequent, especially with our shot selection. The conclusion of which was a very tight game, lost on some unfortunate margins. Looking on the bright side, this was excellent training for regionals, where (spoiler alert) we were able to cut out these margins and take the victory.
A special shout out for David who got his first point for Brixton in this game

After this, points from the group we were playing in were calculated (where we were bottom) resulting in a round robben with the two bottom teams from the other group.

Brixton 5 – 8 St Albans:

St. Albans, a team some of us were (and were becoming) familiar with, proved a tough test for our offence. Inconsistencies were a key problem, making shots from behind the half way line that weren’t on and struggling to move the disc up the pitch at vital moments. We were within touching distance throughout the game, St Albans working the disc through 2 ringers that scored a majority of their points with excellent break throws. Once going down, we started to put pressure on ourselves to force the disc through the defence resulting in many turnovers. Something that was a consistent problem with our offence throughout the day

Brixton 6 – 8 Rhubarb:

The final game against Rhubarb was one we all wanted to win in order to go home with one win under our belt, which we felt was deserved. Unfortunately it was not to be the case. We traded the entire game (them pulling ahead by two only with a big throw on the buzzer). We were unable to stop their up the line throws that gained them huge yards up the pitch on multiple points and, even though we were only one point behind, our poor decision making cost us deerly, forcing a throw away and punished on D on what was essentially sudden death.
This was a game we all feel we should have won and will look back on certain moments and decisions with frustration.

Overall, there was a certain amount of frustration after this one-day tournament that saw no victories and a reflection that we were punished by trying to force the disc unnecessarily as soon as we went down. There were huge positives to take away though, Dom was an excellent addition in his first tournament with Brixton, coming away with the MVP award, joint with Ben. David scored his first point (and a few more after that!). Gemma managed to beast many of the men she played against and never threw away once. The Hermes Heroes game was an excellent team performance and we showed we could match any team on our day. As a team, our offence became a lot more fluid and we started to use the space of the pitch more effectively by the end of the tournament.

Excellent preparation for indoors and fun had by all! Lets make sure we grab a victory next time as it is definitely within our capabilities