Event: London Regionals

Location: St George’s School, Harpenden, Hertfordshire

Date: Saturday 25th July 2015

Team: Brixton


Arriving at precisely 0815, a team of elite Brixton players arrived discretely in a Vauxhall Astra and a clapped out VW camper. Weather conditions were good for Ultimate, with strong sunshine and a gentle breeze. Spirits were high as they made their way to the pitches, and once a thorough warm up had been led by Pte J. Carr, the team were ready for their first opponents: Camden.


Opposition: Camden

Intelligence: “Is the design on your kit a ‘Camden thing’?”-  Maj S. Barry

Conflict result: 9 – 0 loss.

Brixton were ready and willing for this game, but so were Camden. The general consensus was that they’d had a lot more coffee. After a couple of quick scores against them, Brixton fought valiantly, and the points took longer. Brixton forced numerous turnovers, but struggled to convert, and a string of execution errors in the rising wind lead to Brixton’s downfall. A hard fought game that did not reflect in the score line, but it gave Brixton a determination to do better in the next match.


Opposition: Cloud City

Intelligence: “Watch out for that guy, he’s got a massive scoober.”

Conflict Result: 7 – 4 loss

This was a match of two halves. After running an infinity drill between matches, Brixton were looking to show their ability to adapt to conditions and at the start, it looked promising. A long first point went to Cloud City, and the rest of the half was fought hard, but to no avail, and at half time the score was 5-0, helped by an outrageous cross pitch scoober which our glorious leader had warned us about at the start of the game. Pte W. Eggleton put his body on the line to make a defensive play, and suffered an injury to his leg. A rousing team talk at half time led to a turnaround for Brixton. The team decided they weren’t having any more of that, and came back out all guns blazing. Brixton were leading the half 4-1 when Cloud City scored and informed us that cap had been called in the previous point, and the game was over. This was a disappointing result, as the consensus was that we would have made a valiant comeback if the match had been allowed to go on.


Opposition: Fire 2

Tactics: “Ignore Syl, he’s rubbish.”- Pte J. Carr

Conflict result: 9 – 1 loss

Fire 2 had a familiar face on their team. Unfortunately for them, Syl had used up all his energy in a 3 second sprint at Summer League on the Thursday before, so no-one was very bothered about him. As expected, Fire 2 were pretty quick, with good handlers, and so in the running theme of the day, they were 5-0 up at half time.

As with Cloud City, the Brixton elite came out strong again after another “we’re the happier team, we’re having more fun, and we’re the loudest team as well” team talk, LT J Hughes showcased his agility and fancy footwork by taking down a disc in the endzone by toeing the line.


After a long lunch break in which the 30 odd players of Ka-Pow! Attempted to prove they were louder than Brixton, it was time for the St Albans game.

Opposition: St Albans

Intelligence: “Oh look, they have girls!”- Everyone on the squad.

Conflict result: 11 – 4 loss

St Albans were the only team we played that had a mixed team, something our own ladies were glad to see after playing mismatches all day. Brixton were in red, to hide the blood that was pouring from Pte A. Neal’s knee as usual. It was felt that this would be our time, but increased crosswinds lead to multiple turnovers for both teams. Pte A. Neal showed his form by toeing the line and grabbing a disc about 3 meters out of bounds; an event later voted as one of the highlights of the day. Pte C. Gadjadhar was on fire, running around trying to put it out, and getting some great D’s in the process. LT J. Hughes had decided he was a one man scoring machine, and got another couple of scores, but in the end, the results went the way of St Albans after a hard fought game.



Having scored most of our points, the MVP medal is awarded to LT J. Hughes.

For showing determination and self improvement, the MIP medal is awarded to Pte A. Thomas.

Special mentions to Ptes F. Mursia, H. Roscoe and A. Thomas for their energy and determination against mismatches.


This report will not self destruct unless LT J. Hughes has buggered up the website.