Brixton Ultimate @ Summer League | Game 1 vs Flump

Highlights include :
– Sean turfing a disc for game point
– Sean laying out over disc and not getting the D.
– Chris falling back onto his man forcing a turnover.
– Joe laying out through someone.

The start of the summer league season saw Brixton have a very big turnout with 14 players turning up for the game and Marie turning up for the post match celebrations.

Brixton were up against an experienced Flump side who started the game with only seven players and managed to start the game well forcing a turnover and scoring the first point.

Brixton traded with Flump most of the half with some good catches from Ali, Rich, Carlton and Will, while Si and House proved reliable and chilly with the disc. Flump took half by taking advantage of our lack of structure on O and beat us to the open side for an easy score.

At half, some inspirational words from Si and a reminder from Sean for us to remain in our structure and protect the open side.

We came out strong, forced a turnover, and played some nice flow from the stack to score. We traded for a couple more points with good cuts coming from Dehydys, and Cat finding holes in their zone, while Ant and Jon played intense man D keeping the pressure on their team. At 13-12 we got the break we needed to tie the game up with Conor getting a big point block. We kept the momentum on our side and scored the next two points to win the game.

A good win for Brixton in the lead up to tour and the rest of summer league.


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