Thanks to Rich for this report!:

When Jon announced a weekend trip to the central Manchester branch of Zizzi’s we were all a little taken aback by the breathless audacity of the idea. Nevertheless a 15-strong team of boys and girls turned up at Euston at 6:15 in the morning ready to take on the challenge. And we smashed it. It was a wonderful night, Marie shouted at a waitress about prawns, we took a triumphant photo and then made our way home the next day. The take-away point (for those who weren’t there this works as a pun as I think Elliott took some food with him) from this report therefore is our gigantic win at Zizzi’s.

05 pull 2
While we were up in Manchester we also came across Mixed Tour 2 and decided to have a go. I thought I’d have lots of video and sound clips for this report as China asked me if I was including the AV but apparently she’s since lost it. 2nd paragraph, 2nd heavily laboured joke (this would also be another pun if you could get pregnant this way but Syl told me that’s definitely not possible. Right Syl?).

11 wall
Brixton 10-14 Devon 2
We started the day in glorious sunlight and glorious form, taking Devon 2 to half-time at 8-5 up. Luke made some great high grabs, as he did throughout the weekend, and we were playing a solid game making low risk passes and working our way up the pitch. Unfortunately Devon really stepped it up after the break and we couldn’t keep with them. We began to get beaten under too often, which became a bit of a motif over the rest of the tournament, and Devon went on to score some quick points at the end.


10 sideline
Brixton 7-10 Jest We Forget
Once again this was a closely fought game right to the end, with JWF pulling away only in the last few points. We started putting into practice the tactics we’d been drilling in training, throwing some ho-stack and a few zones. This was the game where Chiho really came to the fore, always available on O and making some great layouts too. Jacqui also stepped up, mainly by kicking the shit out of their handler. Carlton kept the flow going high up the pitch on a number of points. Soon after, I had a lovely tomato soup for lunch.

09 thrust
The Brown 10-8 Brixton
We came so close..Jim and Ant were keeping up energy levels with some trademark layouts. But it was getting cold and Zizzi’s was calling to us so we threw the game.

08 is it gay
Guildford 2 12-8 Brixton
Sunday was rainy, windy and freezing cold, but our form remained consistent..lots of dropped discs and misplaced passes meant we couldn’t topple a youthful Guildford 2.

07 rollin
Brixton 6-7 Black Sheep 3
The ultimate match, last vs. last. Lovely bunch of people to play against, and this was a match that went right to the wire. We were up against a fairly solid zone D for the majority of the game, with Elliott as central handler trying to open up spaces and throwing several end zone passes. Heather was brilliant popping into the central space and Tracy came into her own on the left wing, catching and feeding the disc off to the handlers at a quick pace. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough and we lost the game by one point.

06 321

We did however come 4th in spirit, and the fantastic sideline we had throughout the tournament was pretty awesome.

05 claire


Big up to my man Sean and my other man Ant for leading the team. Huge thanks to Jacqui and Carlton for organising us all, and congrats to Ant on his final tournament for Brixton before he heads off to Lebanon, we’ll beiruting for you.

04 pull
MVP: Chihoo
MIP: Tracy and Heather


03 syl knee 02 laying down 01 huddle