So here goes kids….

Wow, what a fantastic weekend. This is my second ever tournament, and what a tournament it has been!

After a very easy 50 minute train journey down to Burgess Hill (and then a taxi), we arrived at The Triangle Centre about an hour before our first game. A perfect amount of time to have a team talk, set our targets for the day and get our heads set in to Ultimate mode!

20161008_095821 (Large)

Our first game was against Skunks. It was a very evenly matched game, we came off the pitch thinking that we’d won 4-3, however the score was disputed and ended up being a 4-4 draw. The Kent girls were up next, they were a tough lot, we lost our momentum in this game but we didn’t let this knock us for our next and final game of the day. With fresh minds, we took on the GB Girls, and even though we didn’t beat them (final score-wise) we beat them mentally. We got the first point, they got the second, we got the third. They were scared….. they then decided to play harder and beat us 7-2. We played so well in this game, I am so proud of each and every one of us! Good work girls for a great first day!

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We headed back to our delightful hostel in Hove for a shower, a nap and far too many crisps and dips; before heading to an incredible Indian restaurant where Jacqui announced her engagement (congratulations are in order!!). Having waited far too long for our food, it was certainly worth it! I know that everyone in the taxi to the after party certainly enjoyed my dinner too (I had the most awful burps ever!! – sorry to all). So the theme for the party was tropical – Jon dressed as the Del Monte man, and his bitches with floral shirts and lei’s (Jacqui in her ‘tropical Scottish Will Smith’ outfit) we turned up at Falmer University student union. I have not felt so old in a long time – but made the most of the cheap drinks and drinking like a student again!! After many a cocktail, shot, drinking game and incredible dance moves we decided to call it a night! My favourite quote from the night (which has definitely not been adapted in any way!) was from Jacqui: ‘Jon if you want to see a pussy I’ve got one!’ – well that’s what I heard anyway!

20161009_005132 (Large) 20161009_010808 (Large) 20161009_015442 (Large) 20161009_023624 (Large)

sicko rio alone sicko hoops sicko jq tts sicko rio


After returning to our dorm room (where Heather and Tracey were trying to sleep), Jon thought that it would be entertaining to continuously tell Tracey to shut up. She grabbed hold of her pillow and hit him over the head with it – you deserved that Jon!!

With rather fuzzy heads, sore eyes and weary bodies we were up bright and early for another day of fun and games. Having sadly lost Marie on Saturday evening we were down to 7 players. We were determined to do well today. Our first game of the day was against Kent. Having already played them yesterday, we decided that we were going to beat them this time round and that is exactly what we did! An incredible game and a great start to the day… which only got better.

20161009_111224 (Large)20161009_114006 (Large)



We beat KLC in the next game and followed by another win against Skunks. Having won all 3 games today, we shot up the leader board from 14th place up to 9th. WE WON A PLATE (and a beautiful one at that)!!!!

20161009_153720 (Large)

I would like to thank each and every one of you for being absolutely incredible, in every aspect. You have all taught me so much (mainly about frisbee but not entirely!) I am very proud of us as a team for how we played in each game and I absolutely loved every minute of the weekend. Thank you so much and can’t wait for the next tournament!

MIP – Janey and Rio with three votes each!

MSP – Jacqui and Marie with three votes each!

MVP – Illia with a landslide!

Congrats to all the winners, well done to everyone for absolutely smashing it this weekend.


Report written by Janet Duncun (I did not have a chilly chode whilst writing this, but I think that Jon did!!)


P.S. Claire as a horny aubergine:

claire aubergine