Spring League Week One Report

Spring league sprung last night as the weather sprang a combination of warm temperatures and no wind to create perfect Ultimate conditions.

Taking to the field were Jon (captain), Milo (vice captain), Guy, Sam, Jess, Marie, and Jo. While all of us were Spring League virgins (apart from Guy who popped his cherry last year), Marie and Jo were making their competitive debuts.

We played two matches on the night:

Match 1

Brixton 4 – 10 PAF2

Our first match was against PAF2, a strong team with all experienced, very friendly and well spirited players.

This game taught us a lot about our teams strengths and weaknesses. Mistimed cuts led to congestion of the field and we found it difficult to advance up the pitch, but some great continuation passes eventually lead to winning some hard fought points.

Special mention to Sam for stunning all onlookers with an absolutely huge grab to recover a disc we all thought was lost.

In the end the experience of the opposition shone through and took them to a deserved victory.

The first game with this Brixton team was always going to be tough. We’d never played as a single team before, and this match showed us where we needed to improve. A quick debrief and some inspiring words from Simon put our heads in the right frame of mind and we would play better in the next game.


Match 2

Brixton 3 – 11 MoO

MoO (I still don’t know what that stands for) were a very strong team with just one female player, and a very good one at that. They played lots of long and high throws when markers were mismatched, and we struggled to get a turnover out of them.

It was very close at the start, and we went to 2-2 when they put a zone defence on us. We didn’t react quickly enough to it, and MoO capitalised.

Despite the disparity in the final score, every single player in the team personally gave a better performance, and as a result we played better as a team.

Each of our three points was delicious:


Firstly, Sam gets a great D close to the end zone, putting us within touching distance of a point. Sam quickly picks up the disc, looks for a scoring pass but recognises that nothing is on and wisely dumps the disc back to Jess. Jon is waiting in the centre of the end zone with his defender marking him face up and not looking at the disc. A quick shimmy to the right and a drop of the shoulder send the MoO player the wrong way, leaving plenty of room for Jon to catch a flat, prefecture weighted sidearm throw from Jess.

Secondly, VC Milo collects the disc from a pull and sees that Jon is poached off his marker at the back of the stack with a free run to the end zone. Milo pulls out an amazing, flat, long huck for Jon to easily collect and score. Route one ultimate, end zone to end zone.

And finally, Milo again the instigator of the point, but also the scorer in a fantastic show of defensive heroism!

Milo put a strong force on a MoO handler right on their end zone line and managed to get a hand to the disc as it was swung across the line. Milo’s interception batted the disc away, but it kept its spin and flight. And with his Jedi like reflexes, Milo pounced on the opportunity and leapt across the line, caught the disc in the air, and landed safely inside the end zone. Callahan!! Celebrations all round! But the celebrations were cut short as their captain disputed the point claiming Milo landed outside the end zone. After some discussion MoO finally conceded the point, and Brixton continued the celebrations! CALLAHAAAAAN!


VC Milo still excited after Callahan

No one can deny that this was a worthy win for MoO, but the improvement in Brixton shown in this game was dramatic, and the scoreline does not reflect how well we played.

Special mention to Jo and Marie on making their Brixton debuts. Good cuts, simple passes, recycling the disc. Lovely stuff! 

Guy- awesome as always buddy. 

Another special mention for Sam:

Sam is the ‘Elephant Game’ champion, absolutely amazing the opposition in the post match game. He puts it down to his years of dance training.

A big thanks to to Sean and Simon for being a fantastic sideline, nice and vocal, and for great advice between games. Inspiring as always!

Roll on week two!

P.s FRisbEE chips