Using the word ‘Spring’ to describe last weeks tourney would be as suitable as describing a bullet to the face as ‘fluffy’. 

It was raining sideways. 

The wind was swirling. 

And in the trees that surround the playing fields, woodland creatures of all kinds put on their waterproofs and thought about moving abroad. 

Despite this, Brixton was out in force. 

Jon, Guy, Bento, Jacqui, Joe, Dave, Marie, Sam and myself were all feeling pretty pumped after lasts weeks matches and were keen to build on  all the improvements we made. I know Bento, Joe, Jacqui and Dave weren’t there last week, but they got the vibe. 

Brixton 11 – 6 Up The Arts 

Note to everyone, if the first thing that happens to you in a match is a lovely but, let’s be blunt, overweight guy comes up to you and says ‘I’m too 

drunk for this’, you make sure you win. 

And we bloody did! And not just cos of this guy. They had a couple of very competent handlers and were an experienced Uni team.

We traded points at first, Guy sending a lovely side arm huck for Joe to pluck out the air beautifully to open the scoring. 

Then we encountered what was to be this weeks major problem- freaking out the second we get near the endzone and throwing something insane. 

We must have chucked away (I know I did) at least 4 or 5 certain points in this game alone. They even took a 2 point lead on us.

But we fixed the problem, kept it chilly, and soon we were scoring for fun. Easy passing, beautiful cuts (I’m looking at you, Jacqui) 

simple play. Job done.

20140522_201354 PS W350px 20140522_201351 PS W350px

Few points to mention: 

Bento, you beautiful fucking lunatic. With only one and a half shoes, the little piece of portugese lightning we call our own wrapped 

up the game by laying out to get the turnover, then ran in to the endzone and laid out BACKWARDS to get the score. That was awesome.

Saying that, if he hadn’t tried to score one handed 10 minutes before (regionals ring a bell, anyone?), what became an epicly long

point that nearly killed Joe could have been settled way sooner. 

Either way, a very satisfying comeback, a solid victory, a harsh reminder of how much England can suck and a perfect start! 

Brixton 8 – 1 Slipped Discs

This game was strange. 

Physics and reality seemed to come tumbling down on a couple of occasions. What’s even stranger is that this seemed to suit us. 

Slipped Discs had two experienced handlers, but other than that a team of complete beginners. It became clear after a few points we should win 

this game, and we went on to do so confidently. 

We moved the disc around beautifully, keeping possession. We waited and waited and waited and waited and scored. Again and again. ‘Textbook’. 

The highlights of this match are plentiful.

Joe laying out for both Os and Ds all over the place, epic determination and great to have on the team. 

20140522_201404 50pct W700px

Marie letting her Puerto Riconess spill out (shotgun NEVER marking her). 

Sam. Where to start with Sam? Two absolutely amazing catches for the score, and yet I still don’t understand how the hell he caught either of


The first was an incredible reaction catch. Panther like. The disc bounced off Jacqui and in the blink of an eye it was caught in

between Sam’s knees, who I swear wasnt anywhere near there a second before. 

The second catch. Unbelievable. It was impossible. Good thing no one told Sam this though. He leapt a million foot to the air and brought it down one handed. Calm as you please. Cue the sideline going mental. Then laughing. . .

Because standing next to a celebrating Sam was his dazed and confused marker, totally baffled as to what the fuck just happened. . . and with a fresh muddy bootprint on his CHEST.

Yup. No one saw it, no one has any idea how it happened, but somewhere in that catch Sam got one of his boots over 5ft in to the air and planted it on his marker. It was a surreal moment for everyone involved. 

And that was that. The first time Brixton has ever won 100% of its matches! Woo.

Overall guys, it was brilliant and we are improving so much every week. Great holding of the disc, great patience, amazing layouts. 

It makes ya proud. 

Big thanks to Si and Sean for the sideline and support, it helps more than you know. 

Much love all,

Milo X

20140522_201629 PS W700px