Brixton Beginners Kick Butt in Balham!

Brixton Angels continued their run of good form last Thursday in the final night of Spring League by winning both their games. At the time of writing the final league table had not yet been updated but Brixton performed exceedingly well; winning four out of six matches, scoring 40 points with a +4 point difference, and finishing a minimum of third our division.

Team roster:

Jon, Guy, Bento, David, Sam, Joe, Jess, Jacqui, Marie

Brixton 7 – 5 SpiderHoG

SpiderHoG are a team that Brixton know very well, and indeed it was good fun to be playing against fellow Angel, Gemma. This particular squad had quite a few inexperienced players, but in spite of this, the arachno-porcine team played very well together and made some great connections to go 4-3 up against us. 

Brixton then began to kick into gear with some fantastic flowing frisbee, moving up the pitch with short continuation passes all the way up to the end zone, waiting for the right moment for the scoring point and passing to the dump when necessary – just as we had been focussing on! Couple that textbook play with some outrageous (and often unnecessary) layouts from Joe, add a rescued disc by Jess running in to save the day, and Bento’s standard never-gonna-make-it-oh-wait-he’s-got-it grabs and we ended up taking the win on the tightest game we’ve played yet.

SpiderHoG were the last team for us to play in the round robin, and we were third in the table which meant we now played the team who were third in the division above us.


Brixton 7 – 3 Much Ado About Hucking

This Hucking team also had a few players new to the sport, but again they still made us work very hard, right from the start. The first point alone lasted for five minutes and they forced us into several turnovers.

Thankfully, after winning the first point, we were able to really go hard on defence and cut out anything they had. On at least five occasions their handler had to just huck the disc long because all options were being cut out, and the stall count often got above 8.

It was a very well spirited, fun match, and a great way to see out the league. So much so that we played another game with these guys afterwards, 8v8. The pitch was so crowded, the disc got moved around very quickly, and it was so much fun! All came to a glorious end when Nick Bond, who was running the show that day, gave out the competitors’ participation prizes of technicolour sweets.

Each week before the games began we spoke about a part of our game for us to concentrate on. In week one we were making sure we didn’t rush when we’re on the disc and dumping if a throw forward wasn’t on. In the second week, we continued the patient and controlled play, but we also focused on timing our cuts to give each other space to run into and collect the disc. This third week, we were building on the above and ensuring our cuts were hard and fast sprints to ensure we lose our markers, as well as sticking close to our marks at all time when on defence. I couldn’t be happier as captain to see all these fundamentals of Ultimate come together over just three short weeks and see the improvement both in individual players and the team as a whole. It’s been a pleasure to play and watch us all progress together in this competition.

For the new players: you’ve all shown annoyingly good progression in such a short amount of time. It sickens me to think of how long it took me to be able to throw a side-arm flick, yet you’ve all picked it up so quickly and have the confidence in your abilities to use it in competitions and that is outrageous! And not only are your throwing techniques improving, but your understanding of the game and off the disc movements are visibly better too, and you should be all be extremely proud of yourselves!

As much as I’d like to take all the credit for training you up so well, we all know that it’s the inspirational tuition of Si and Sean, in our training sessions and on our sideline at every game, that has steered us to where we are today. Your voices across the pitch cheering us on and giving us pointers (and keeping the captain in check) were invaluable and we certainly would not have done as well without you there, so big thanks to you guys!

Thanks guys for voting me as your MVP! This is a very proud moment, especially considering the performances that everyone put in.

But more importantly, a big congratulations to Marie, our Most Improved Player of the competition! With each game you showed improvements, in your throwing, your cutting, and especially your decision making. The Marie of Spring League week one game one through a wonky hammer up the pitch to nobody at stall count 5. The Marie of the final game was cutting hard into space, sticking close to her defender at all times, put on big fat unbreakable forces, was patient on the disc and used the dump pass when forward throws weren’t on. You should be proudest of all!

Here’s what some of you had to say about the competition:


Last night’s spring league memorable moments:

– Playing a friendly game with the last team (can’t remember their names) after the league was finished. It was nice that everyone wanted to keep playing and that we bonded with another team. 

– Also, I would like to say that Jackie and Marie played amazingly well!

What is your highlight of playing the spring league? 

Just playing ultimate with the Brixton team.

Why is it your highlight?

Love hanging out with them.



“Last night was fun. Jackie has improved so much, she’s not afraid to look up field for a gaining or scoring pass and can become a very competent handler in time.”

What is your highlight of playing the spring league? 

“Coaching Dave from the sideline then he scored”

Why is it your highlight?

“Dave is very new and in this instance I felt like he had an insight to the game that can improve his playing”

“Apart from that I haven’t had one highlight that stands out, its the sense of overall comradery that I really enjoyed.”



“…my personal highlight which was without doubt the n zone lay out catch by Sam after the mack by Jacki if I remember correctly in week 2. Huge point and one for the highlight real for sure. Another moment would be gd social vibes in the pub after, was nice to get to know everyone a little better so massive plus for all new starters! My memory is fairly poor apart from that!”

Well done again, everyone, for playing so well and thank you for making it such an incredible competition! Here’s to carrying it on all through the summer!