After a slightly disappointing showing against ABH last week, Brixton showed up for this one wanting to right some wrongs and reconquer Balham as the fortress we all know it to be. Si, Sean, Owen, Milo, Guy, Jon, Jacqui, Tanja, Gemma and Marie rocked up on a lovely evening to be out, against an alumni team of decent players…

They started the game with only six

They were short, didn’t have enough chicks

But that worked against us, got into our head

‘having an extra person is harder’, like Si said

Starting traditionally slowly, we raced into a 3-0 loss

We seemed to be dropping the disc every toss

But we very soon managed to pick ourselves up

The shaky start was just a small hiccup

Buoyed by the arrival of some sideline support

Hanneke and Emily made sure we didn’t abort

When we started using our extra man

It became obvious they didn’t have a backup plan

We took half, though it was close

8-6 on the board, we had scored the most

We played smart, had an extra poach in the deep

Any long discs, Owen or Sean could sweep

The second half was fun, but really not close

We stopped making all those mistakes that were gross

We pretty quickly wound up the rest of the game

Not a single other point did we let them gain

As for the players, who put in a great shift

Everyone contributed, no-one adrift

DSCF0020 W 650px

Gemma was always free for a pass

Guy kept running, never ran out of gas

Owen was a solid handler all night

Milo’s great D helped put us out of sight

Marie started off playing a very good game

But had to leave early, helping one of their players who was lame

Tanja constantly made good decisions on disc

Jacqui’s cuts were always sharp and brisk

DSCF0044 W650px

Si the consummate captain, led from the front

Sean chased down a few discs that were punt

Jon had a great night as pointblock king

He got a hand on everything his marker did fling

After it was off to Emery’s to watch the match

We enjoyed Jacqui’s cupcakes, made from scratch

Great night for Brixton, not so much for Gerrard

Its Milo and Jon’s birthday tomorrow, come celebrate and remember to bring a card!