And so on one almost sunny day, in the rolling greens of Clissold Park, the Brixton crew embarked on their first game of the infamous Summer league.

One game, one chance, first to fifteen… BRIXTON BABY.

We were completely pumped, but admittedly did get off to a slightly shaky start (something I am putting entirely down to ‘first point nerves’). But it didn’t take us long to get into our stride and once we did Brixton comfortably secured points through some great handling at the back and nice long cuts. (It was also in the first half that it became apparent that the pitches were very big and slightly uphill and that actually, 7 a side is quite taxing, phew…)

Despite pulling in the points in the second quarter, we approached half time finding our eagerness to get on the disc creating some blockages on the pitch, often cutting into one another’s space. Swurve started to take advantage of this, cutting off the remaining open players and looking for the turn, allowing them to make a gain on the score sheet.

Half time. Time for much needed hydration, reflection and a good ol’ pep talk from Si :) Learnings for the second half? Commit to the cuts you make and clear out quicker so that the next person can do the same.

We successfully took this back into the game, to take a great lead. Quite frankly we were awesome. Much to the frustration of Swurve- did anyone else see that ominous incident in the end zone? Jon making the D and finding himself ‘tripping’ over the Swurve player that stood in his way.

And we really had our head in the game. In the words of Gemma, we “SERIOUSLY” had our head in the game (This is a small reference to a slight incident that may or may not have involved a blade over a wide open Gemma looking for the swing pass… you had to be there didn’t you Bento :P)

It was at two points away from match point that something glorious happened. Owen clocked Bento and with one fell swoop sent out a mighty huck, one that only the Bento machine could 1) run down and 2) clutch from the grips of the defender that was inches behind him- amazing point guys! Celebrations all round.

And at match point, Si made the perfectly timed cut that allowed him to comfortably grab the winning point.

Brixton do it again! Brixton 15 v Swurve 7.

I think most would agree it saying that was a brilliant way to start summer league. Commitment, building on what we learnt as we went along and continuously having each other’s backs led us to a very nice victory :)

The shout outs…

GUY- That magnificent long pull? ‘That’s what Guy did’…EVERY TIME. Amazing stuff and also just consistent handling as always dude :)


MARIE- Dat fierce Puerto Rican gyal continued to prove why she currently holds the title of MIP. Always staying tight on D and making some really strong cuts! Great improvement.



GIRL POWER- Ladies, we were representing! (I hope you all said that in the gangsta tone that I wrote that in).

OLD FACES- Lovely to see the return of some faces we haven’t seen in a while too :)

Hey guys… Do you see that? Up on the horizon? I think it might just be another Brixton victory 😉 Looking forward to summer league take 2! See y’all at Balham.

Much love Brixtonites <3


Jaq/ Jacqui- Laura/ Shaniqua