Brixton’s eighth summer league match was one of the closest fought yet against a plucky/drunk team in the form of shape shifting Michael Pierce and his friends.

Brixton started out strong by taking the first three points with some sharp and fluid movements on offence, and vigilant defence turning the disc to our possession. Two weeks of hucking practise seemed to be taking effect as discs were being put up to receivers making near pitch length cuts to catch the disc for an easy score. MP&F started to up their game and we began trading points and letting our lead slip. We were losing our strong start and at 7-7 we called a time out to get our heads together.

Si put in one of his classic team talks to tell us exactly what we needed to hear: be 100% on defence man-to-man, don’t let your mark pull you out of position. Force them to try something special by getting the basics right. And we went into the point to take the half on D with a renewed sense of energy and purpose, and that rejuvenation was certainly apparent in the way that we defended our space: each player stuck to their mark closely, forced them several times to dump and reset, stall counts went higher and higher, and they really had to dig deep and run what seemed like marathon distances to eventually take the point. There was no disappointment in losing the point, we’d played defence excellently and we if we kept up that level of play every time then we would breeze through the rest of the game.

Unfortunately that wasn’t to be as the second half saw us drop points through some execution errors and quick countering from the opposition, and after a late comeback from Brixton it went to game point at 12-14. The final point saw a change to MP&F’s defensive tactics as they threw on a zone which we were happy to walk through. Superb handler movements from Si, Ant, and Syl saw the disc move from our endzone to theirs at least three times, but the final throw just didn’t make it. Our defence also really picked up on this point too, with Luke and Syl strong at the back to bring down the long passes into the endzone. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be for Brixton and MP&F eventually broke through to score the final point and win a close, well spirited, and extremely fun match.

A couple of firsts for Brixton:

1. Janey made her Brixton debut in style – performing strongly across the match and getting a D against an Iceni player!

2. Syl actually sprinted to D a disc!

Thanks to Sean, Matt, and Suzanne for being an excellent sideline and being on hand to provide tactical pointers on the line!

Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!



late play (Medium)