The weather was gloomy but there was a buzz in the air for Brixton’s summer league playoff match against the Ravens. Like everyone else, I was expecting to face the might of Baltimore’s Joe Flacco and crew (one for all you NFL fans out there), instead, an Ultimate Frisbee team showed up.

The Ravens made the questionable decision to show up with only 5 players (with 1 more running late), but, bravely, we decided to play them anyway. Playing against a team with fewer players isn’t always as straightforward as it sounds, but with cool heads, intelligent throws and dashing good looks we were able to quickly run up the score. Ravens came out in a Zone defense which was quickly dispatched by some chilly ‘dump and swing’ play from ace handlers Joe, Ben and Si. Before we knew it the points were scoring themselves!

Jon came up big during the second point to help us double our lead from 1 – 0 to 2 -0. The disc flew through the air, and started blading down at an angle, any mere mortal would have given up but Jon, the hero that he is, put his body on the line and got down and dirty with a layout grab to save the day (he also definitely didn’t message me to make sure I remembered to put this in).

We were playing really well and utilising the structural freedom in our stack to create fluid movement up the pitch and despite their best efforts our opponents were overwhelmed.

It was around this point that Syl appeared and, after being told that he wasn’t good enough to join a team of only 5 players whacked on a Brixton shirt and got stuck in.

In the end, we played a fantastic game and thanks to the teams’ excellent decision making, chilly play and a handful of great grabs we came away with a comfortable 15 – 4 victory despite a couple of dreadful goal line throwaways from yours truly (forgive and forget right guys).

Huge congrats to everyone on the day and special mentions go to:

– Cat and China on their Brixton debuts, clever cutting and relentless effort, a brilliant first match

– Jacqui for a sensational one handed grab in the end-zone (two hands are good, one hand is better)

– Ant for the best drop I’ve ever seen in my life, a fully extended layout to get on the end of a hammer, unlucky not to hang on but the effort alone was worth a score in my eyes.

– Strong effort at the pub by all
Well played chaps and chapesses and here’s to another Brixton win next week.