Firstly, I’d like to say a big thank you to the team tonight for making my birthday really enjoyable and baking cookies and for the presents! You guys are just the best :-)

Secondly, well played to everyone who came along to the summer league match tonight (all 8 of us!!). It was a real game of two halves, with Brixton scoring point after point early on through some nice long hucks and dominating play with a strong defence which put lots of pressure on opposition and forced them to turnover. Brixton took the first half 8-5.

After half time, fatigue began to set in and our 8 strong team with only two girls playing every single point started to fall behind. Their multiple subs ran us hard, and they adapted their play to cut off our undercuts with a poach that we had trouble dealing with. They evened up the score at 14-14, took the lead, we brought it to 15-15, but in the end they took the next two points and won the game 15-17.

Despite the result, this game was probably the most fun of the league so far. We played really well and displayed some really good plays throughout the match. My highlight of the match was seeing Ant’s chicken wings in the homeboy handler movements. The novelty factor was high but it was surprisingly effective too!

Special mention has to go out to our two iron ladies who put in heroic efforts on a very hot day against a team that likes to run! And in particular, Heather, who made her competitive debut for Brixton and put in a stellar performance, very well done!

It was also great to have Carlton and Marie’s friend Bari cheering us on from the sidelines and adding to our positive spirit and attitude that everyone had through the whole game. You really did make a difference!