Week two of Summer League saw Brixton make the journey north to Clissold Park where Ovathrow were waiting to take us on.

Unfortunately for Ovathrow, they were unable to get any girls and only 6 guys on the line this week and so Brixton were automatically awarded the game. But that didn’t stop us from having a great friendly match! Joe and Ali nobly put on their light shirts and played for Ovathrow to make up the numbers. Both “turncoats” ended up playing better than they’d ever performed for Brixton which was a shame for us as they led their team to a 15-13 victory in a well fought, high spirited, and fun game. Luckily for us, the points were already in the bag and so both teams took to the pub in high spirits! Win-Win!


Week three of Summer League took us back to Balham for the local derby we’d all been waiting for against our good friends and bitter, bitter rivals PAF!

There was a lot of wind, and losing the toss put us on the back foot as we started out playing against the wind. PAF took an early lead and before long it was 6-2 to the opposition. At this point, Brixton launched an amazing come back comprised of strong zone defence, swingtastic flowing offence, and steady upwind plays to pull the score level at 6-6! It was an astonishing turnaround and testament to the fighting spirit and hard training ingrained in the team.

PAF took the first half, and the second half of the match was hotly contested with some long points, lots of running, and a decidedly evil wind that picked up at exactly the wrong moments. It was a close half to begin with but PAF showed their strength with a great display of pace and energy from part-time Brixtonite Ben K running us ragged all over the field, and strong handlers feeding their team with long discs into the endzone. Final score 10-15 to PAF.

Highlights include:

  • our girls showing the guys how it’s done with Gemma our top scorer, Cat making smart cuts, and Dehydys rescuing discs with outrageous grabs
  • Ant and his standard layout grabs (not really a highlight any more!)
  • Joe getting redemption with a “layout” D to stop the score

Lots to take away from that game and work on in training, but overall a fun and well fought game. I’m sure we’ll play host to a friendly against PAF soon and next time we’ll be ready for them!