Sunburn really does live up its name. Each and every player became united with the oddly shaped red patterns across our athletic and incredibly powered bodies. The only person strong and experienced enough against the blistering sun was no one other than the Irish man. Paddy.

As I walk to work with burnt foot tops and dangerously scalding backs of knees, I reminisce about the weekend.

I think I am always lucky enough to write the reports on brixton when we do truely connect as a team and bring the fun to ultimate so here it goes …

On Friday evening the bus left London for Bournemouth – unfortunately it also left one of our players too – Angie. The team watched her through the window as it drove on by. Myself and Soni then found her at the train station at the other end to head out and find the rest of the motley crew having a ball at a very classy beach resort establishment. Will became the mother HEN and begun his casual nipple count, Theo had the time of his life on the dance floor and even Paddy left his walking shoes at home.

Post party, Saturday happened and it just gets better and better.

When mentioning the games we played, I don’t wish to go into too much detail, because quite frankly it just doesn’t matter. We may not have won them all, we may not have one any, but we did beat a group of kids in a pick up! That’s what matters right? I mean, Soni spiked the disc next to a young lad who gallantly laid out to try and prevent the team from scoring. Our spirits were always high.

We smashed it!

Above all, some great pictures were taken. The scoreboard doesn’t reflect the play.

Here are the highlights:

  • Jacqui seduced us all in the waves
  • Claire lost her wallet
  • Paddy didn’t wear his walking shoes (but he still wore THE hat.)
  • I got a good old belly rub.
  • Theo actually played really well.
  • Jon didn’t drop the disc in the end zone.
  • Will didn’t hammer into the end zone
  • Soni didn’t assist into the end zone
  • Angie caught the only one in the end zone!!!

The party

After nearly losing Angie at the hen night central, we headed over to Yates.

We may have lost our games that day, but we sure did hit them back with an unofficial win at the party.

A purple headed cobra was spotted and there was a close draw in the dance-off between Theo’s slick dabbing, Ex on the Beach’s hand stand into worm and Soni’s floor routine – we can happily walk away with a win!! Despite myself being used as a prop and thrown away just as quickly (thanks Soni) he did become champion and take home the trophy of dance floor diva.


After leaving the night on a high, we played the team with the shortest of shorts. The distraction became too much and we lost the great battle against Ex on the Beach. It is safe to say we had a few sore heads that day.

As the day went on we won a match against – Aye-Aye!!!! Oh how elated we felt. Claire, despite laying out outside of scheduled game times, perfected the give and go connection with the Irish man and we got 6 points on the board!

Other things we should probably be aware of:

  • The kids of Venom came back and took away a victory from us.
  • Angie scored another point.
  • Soni injured himself playing volley ball – twice.
  • Will found more nipples to look at.
  • Paddy did some nice layout catching.
  • Jon dropped it in the end zone.
  • I wasn’t allowed to buy an egg sandwhich because it wasn’t on the menu.
  • Soni and I scored a honey goal.

MVP – Paddy

MIP – China

MSP – (I’ve forgotten but I voted for claire) so Claire!!

Great weekend guys.

Untill next time :)