Seeded 3rd, Finished 10th

Team: Simon, Jon, Sean, Ben, Matt, Dom, Joe, Ibby, Sylvester

Brixton came into the tournament with a high seeding based on last year’s great performance at nationals, although the team was not the same and had lost a few players we turned up with the belief that we could put together good performances throughout the weekend and qualify for nationals.


Game 1 vs In the Zone – Won 8-2

We came out strong against a team with a few inexperienced players and we were able to comfortably finish the game with a win. After the game we spoke about improving our shot selection and reducing turnovers on offence which could hurt us against a top tier team.

Game 2 vs St Albans 1 – Won 8-5

We had played this team the previous weekend at Indoor Winter league and lost. They came to the game and expected a win over us, but with confident play and solid work on defence. We managed to pull out a win, in the circle afterwards they acknowledged that they had underestimated us and we had proved them wrong.

Game 3 vs Cloud City 2 – Won 10-4

A game we expected to win and did so. Key

Game 4 vs Rhubarb – Lost 9-8

They beat us up the line with good handler cuts and were clinical in the endzone. After the game we spoke about how one crucial turnover had cost us the game. We acknowledged it and got ready for the final game of the day against Curve.

Game 5 vs Curve – Lost 9-6

We came out slow and went down 3 points early in the game. Despite a comeback to bring us within one point they found another gear and pulled a way to win. We finished the day 3rd in our pool and knew we had a big Sunday ahead of us. We were losing one of our main handlers in Dom but gaining a strong replacement in Ibby who would be important in defence.


Game 1 vs St Nuc. – Lost By 3

We started Sunday with a crossover game against a very strong and experienced team. We traded for the first half of the game with very good play and made the right shot selections into the endzone. Ibby slotted into the teams flow smoothly and was big on defense. The second half of the game they played hard man defense which forced a few turnovers from us and gave them key break point which won them the game. This team would later go on to finish runner ups of the tournament. After the game we talked about our defense and how we needed to stick tighter to our opponent and protect the end zone. We knew we were out of the automatic qualification spots for nationals but knew finishing as high as we could would give us a chance and thats what we agreed to focus on.

Game 2 vs Cloud City 1 – Won by 1

We came out very strong and pulled out to a 3 point lead. They a came back to make it 3’s and we traded for the rest of the game. With a few minutes to go in the game we turned over and they went up a break. Si called a line and we went out to tie up the game to force sudden death. For sudden death Cloud City started with the disc and we needed to force a turnover and score. A good pull led to them starting deep in their endzone, a good force on the mark by Jon and good team defence removing their options further down the field led to them throwing the disc away. We were calm with the disc and worked it around their endzone before putting the disc into the endzone for Ibby to score but the score did not count as a pick was called on the play and after a lengthy decision the disc was sent back. We kept the disc made smart passes working it all they back to our endzone before finding the right pass to Jon in the endzone.

Game 3 vs Pier Pressure – Won by 1

We had also played this team at Indoor winter league the week before and knew they would rely on their big guy in the endzone. Ben and Matt did a good job of marking him throughout the game and minimizing his effect on the game. We traded for most of the game and it came down to sudden death with Pier Pressure starting with the disc, another good force by Jon lead to a point block, again we were calm and made smart passes with the disc before Ben found the right pass to the corner of the endzone for Jon.

Game 4 vs Chesham kites (Plate Final) – Lost by 1

Strange Game. We played well for the most part during this game until the last 5 minutes where we showed an uncharacteristic lack of composure and gave away 3 points. This led to sudden death where we had found ourselves during most of our games during the day, but this time we were unlucky with a throwaway which led to a turnover on our endzone which they scored for the win.

Brixton had good periods of play with our offence running smoothly and clinically with Dom, Si and Matt (on Sunday was pivotal in our offence) handling the disc, on defence Sean, Ibby and Jon played hard man D and forced turnovers. Ben and Joe were our big men in the endzone bringing down discs and made key assists. We had a strong sideline throughout the weekend and showed character to comeback when we were behind in games. However, we were not consistent throughout the weekend and poor decisions on the disc cost us a stronger chance at automatic qualification. With a chance at qualification for Nationals still available we can use the next few training sessions to build up our chemistry as a team and improve our game.

MVP : Three way tie between Sean, Ben and Jon

MIP : Ibby