On Saturday we packed our shiny new kit and journeyed to the far reaches of the district line to play some super sized Ultimate. Here is Dom’s report.


Team: Dom, Dave Bull, Matt Parker, Jon, Molof, Sam, Sylvester


We’d [narrowly] lost all of our games at the first winter league dropping us down into the second division. However we were entering a much less experienced team than last time (losing Gemma, House and Ben and gaining two players who hadn’t competed much before) so this division was a much better match to our level. I was pretty excited about the day.


Game 1 Brixton 2, Hampshire 8.


I don’t know about the rest of the team but Matt and I rocked up not long before start of the first game (largely down to Matt not sorting out food in advance), so we may not have been in the right frame of mind for the first half of this game.


We went 4-0 down pretty quickly. They had two very experienced handlers and one was a lefty, so whichever way we forced we were getting pretty screwed by hammers and breakside blades. We upped our game in the second half, slowing their score rate with a lot more pressure up field but the damage had been done.


We had a quite a long talk after the game. A lot of fundamentals were covered (including the force and what this means to upfield defenders). We were making all the right cuts in the game but we simply weren’t making them with confidence and we were letting people get run through Ds. We only had seven players and the pitches are huge but it was clear that we needed to run a lot harder to get a win.


Game 2 Brixton 6, UFPL 5.


And run harder we did. This opposition was playing iron man (no subs), and was generally a lot slower than us. But as I said throughout the day, it doesn’t matter if you’re quicker if you don’t put in the effort to actually be quicker.


We went two points behind at one point in this game. We didn’t get our heads down though and kept putting in the effort and ground out a victory. It really should have been a higher margin, there were a couple of unlucky feet and hammer drops in the endzone. We were deserved victors.


Long Break – Resistance victory went to the resistance after the spies thought they had won at 2-2 and started high fiving each other. Chumps.


Game 3 Brixton 6, St Mary’s Uni 4


Turns out this was an incredibly inexperienced team; the club having been formed in October. It did not show. They were clearly nervous on the disc, but they ran bloody hard and they ran in all the right places.


This victory was another example of true grit. We just kept on working hard on offence, punishing every opportunity that came up. By this point in the day we were running the weave pretty smooth and upfield players were realising when to make the critical cuts.


In this game we started to move the disc really confidently through the handlers, using the weave to swing it around and make up lots of ground up the line. Matt’s timing and patience on discs to me up the line was a crucial asset. And Sam, Molof and Dave were starting to make perfect aggressive cuts to the corner for scores.


Throughout the day Jon and Syl filled in excellently in handler roles that they might not be that used to.


Game 4 Brixton 7, St Albans 2nds 3


This was a beautiful game. I think a lot of stuff that we had been discussing in-between games finally clicked. The positional defence was much better, cutting out easy options and forcing difficult throws that were often blocked by us.


The team had three girls but they were incredibly fast, and two of them were the more proficient handlers. Anyone who was marking them had their work cut out.


We didn’t take our foot of the gas once. In fact even in the dying seconds Jon and I could be seen flying through the curtain after fully committing to a a block in the endzone. Taking each other out.


I believe Molof got his first score for Brixton in this game. Big Props.


Game 5 Brixton 5, Jeckyll & Hyde 10


JH were definitely the most athletic team we played all day. They had been cruising past all opposition all day however we knew that if we could keep up the pace we had played at all day it would be a really tight game. We couldn’t, so it wasn’t.


The large pitches and small team was staring to show. Matt and I couldn’t have had more than 10 points off between us and our previously bromantic relationship started to show cracks after a few wayward discs.


The opposition had some young, jumpy, runny guys, like Ibby. However big respect to the short, fat, bald guy who got two layout Ds in the endzone!


MVP went to me, but it was a 4:3 split between me and Parker. Well played mate.


Most improved player must have been a hard choice as our three less experienced players really stepped up to the mark and put in a sweaty shift. A lot of tactics and pointers were getting thrown about and I was impressed as to how much was taken in and applied.


MIP was Dave Bull.


Next Winter league is 14th November. It would be great to get another strong team together and win the division.


Talking of winning. WE WON SPIRIT! This is my favourite thing to do. Really good job guys. Positive attitude and respect is the key.


See you soon.




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