Hey Brixton,

This last weekend, 7 hardy souls departed on the Friday evening for Plymouth, which is WAY FURTHER AWAY than you think it is, for a weekend of indoor frisbee action, having been granted a reprieve and a qualification spot thanks to various qualifiers from regionals not claiming their nationals spaces.

Following a meetup, Burger King fuelling session and car passenger switcheroo at Fleet services just south of London, the Housemobile led the charge to the South West, leaving Ben in his wake.

The team of Si, Jon, Ben, House, Ibby, Joe, and Sylvester formed up on Saturday morning for the opening game against defending champions Flap Crack, sorry, err… Fairly Confident, and things got underway

** Important to note at this point, I have taken the scores from the UKU doc. The veracity of the scores reported on the twitter feed @brixtonultimate has been challenged :) **

Brixton 4-8 Fairly Confident

I think it was actually a good game to start off the weekend. The reigning champions were tuning up their offence, sending multiple discs flying into the back wall, whilst we were also getting up to speed and figuring out how to work together, with lots of players who are new to Brixton this season. The game also saw the dubious invention of the “drop pass” from Joe, being a push pass delivered with zero spin from the goal line into the endzone, which was dutifully rescued by a flying House.

Brixton 6-9 Shake and Bake

This game is a bit of a blur in my memory. At the start we were trading toe-to-toe with Shake and Bake, but they managed to string a couple of points together at one point after we had a couple of defensive breakdowns, and weren’t able to recover.

Brixton 4-11 Pingu Jam

Damn athletic young people. We just couldn’t hang with their running, and they stomped all over us. Fortunately, despite their reputation the game was well spirited!

Brixton 5-11 Mustard

This game felt a lot closer than the scoreline suggested. Mustard have been around seemingly forever, and they’re very good at keeping things tight on offence so we really struggled to break them down on defense, and forced our redzone offence a little too much.

Brixton 4-5 Black Sheep

Black Sheep had been putting out a zone defence for the whole day, but going into the game we felt we would be able to match it. And we did. The first 2 points took 10 minutes, with Brixton going 2-0 up, after lots of patient play from the whole offensive unit. At this point, Black Sheep switched to man defence, and it took us a couple of points to get up to speed from the chilled out offence from the first half of the game. From here, we traded to 4-4 going into sudden death. I think both teams had the disc in the endzone, but eventually after a miscommunication at the back Black Sheep won via a Callahan.

We knew Nationals was going to be tough, and although we showed lots of promising play during the day, and most of the decision making was good, there were too many communication and execution errors to enable us to get any wins out of the day against mostly beatable opposition, and so we trudged back to the hotel knowing we had a late start the following day, with 3 games to win to top the bottom 6.

A tasty Italian dinner was enjoyed, and after a post dinner beverage just before midnight half of Brixton jumped in taxis back to the hotel, whereas the other half stayed out significantly later to enjoy the, umm…delights of Plymouth nightlife. You’ll have to ask Jon, Syl or Ibbie for details :)

Brixton 12-6 Picnic

Following sleep and breakfast, for at least some of the team, a reinvigorated Brixton took the field on Sunday morning, ready to deliver the pain. We stated our intent straight from the off with Si launching a pitch length leading pass with the very first throw of the game for a score, and from there we never looked back. Quality running and throwing execution from the whole team enabled us to completely overrun Picnic for a big victory, the first of the weekend.

Brixton 11-6 Kernow

In very similar fashion to the previous game, our running on offence and defence were too much for our opposition. Kernow had a player who had lost his voice, so one of his teammates had to provide stall counts from the sideline on defence! At one point, House reached into his bag of tricks and came out with a push/drop blade into the endzone at Ibby, who used his pace to rescue the disc without having to leave his feet! Quality team performance once again, using a variety of offensive sets to disrupt the opposition’s defence, whilst applying the pressure on the other side of the disc with hard running on defence.

Spoon Final

So we went into the final game of the weekend against Bristol 2 for the honour of winning the bottom 6. This was a very closely matched game, Brixton started by putting a few scores together to go 3 or 4 points up, but Bristol fired right back to tie the game up as our tired legs started to show on defence. We were struggling to find an offensive set that worked consistently against a Bristol defence that adapted well to every situation, and all of a sudden found ourselves in sudden death. Si spotted a mismatch on the line against Joe, we called him out of the endzone and into the ISO position, House placed a hammer into the middle of the field which Joe duly collected and fired into the endzone for the win! Brixton 10-9 Bristol 2

A much better performance on the Sunday all around as a team unit, adapting quickly to different offensive patterns, sensible decision making and great execution, matched with hard pressure defence generating the turns needed.

Props to Si for good handling work and motivational speeches, Joe, Syl and Ben for abusing their height to great effect all over the field, to Ibby and Jon for their speedy legs and solid decision making in the middle of the field, with the MVP going to yours truly (thanks guys!).

Thanks to all the players for what turned out to be a great Sunday, after a not so great Saturday, and also to Gemma for her support via Twitter!

See you soon,