Thanks to Patrick for this awesome match report!:

Ultimate was surely made for sunny days. Unfortunately this Irish man was not. Zero Degrees were the opposition (Sub Zero unfortunately had to pull out) and -0.14° was the location but the weather was a tropical twenty six, leading to a tiring competitive game with a strong smell of sun-cream. The match was postponed by 15 minutes to allow for the late arrival of the expected massive crowd and a couple more Brixton women, unfortunately neither arrived, presumably due to issues on the tube.

That didn’t dull the excitement of the first point when perennial end-zone squatter Tracy Hannigan scored her first ever point for Brixton following a very nice up line break by Soni. There has been much publicised pressure on Hannigan to deliver following her big money move to Brixton, but this first score should settle the nerves, and hopefully points to a large return of investment for the south London club.

The first half was a scrappy affair with a lot of seemingly simple drops by both sides. However Brixton were out the doors early and lead by four points before putting on a zone in the hopes that Zero Degrees hadn’t gotten around to that in training yet. Brixton were able to get some turns but unfortunately a combination of sun on the brain and sun-cream in the eyes lead to rather poor decisions by an un-named reporter who figured that throwing the disc in the vicinity of the end-zone might lead to quicker scores and a break from the sweltering sun. Zero Degrees were happy to punish this and marched up the field against the zone to register their first point. Zero degrees matched Brixton’s run which was the story of most of the match as both teams when on scoring runs.

One of the better aspects of Brixton’s play was their end-zone plays which usually resulted in a score on the first cut. Jim clearly thought this was going far too well so instead of calling a name or number he made a reference to Jacqui’s gentleman caller. While distance makes the heart grow fonder it doesn’t make the mind any sharper and this reference went way over Jacqui’s head. Thankfully the same can’t be said for the Marie and the disc as she grabbed a nice break side score.

Half time brought the sweet relief of shade. The second half continued much the same as the first with both teams going on large runs. Zero degrees showed they were happy to throw it about with a lot of faded blades to the back corner of the end-zone which caught a lot of Brixton defenders off guard.

The sun continued to beat down and Jon seemed to forget what sport he was playing when he tried to control the disc with his shin. Thankfully his team-mates were there to back him up by leaving him completely isolated in the end-zone for zero degrees to continue their comeback run.

Sean called the team into a final all singing all dancing huddle to bring the energy back up. The team came out raring to go, only for Zero Degrees to march down the pitch to score with 5 open side passes. Thankfully that was the last score for the travelling side as Brixton saw out the last two points to claim a 15 – 12 win.

Speeches and stories from before most of the players were born followed and after a trip to Tesco the teams relaxed together on the common with some ice-cream and beers including a small unknown regional brew called Budweiser (pronounced bood – veiser.) I would advise you check it out but it’s probably not available in too many stores or pubs. Mac-lines, pickup, and an increased danger of melanoma were on the cards for the afternoon, but most chose to enjoy the shade.

Following ice cold showers some of Brixton would try and show that their academic skills matched their prowess on the pitch at the Clapham North pub quiz. A fourth place finish was achieved with the only major hiccup being the route of the Greenwich meridian, which alluded all except for Marie and it most definitely runs through Spain with a couple of degrees to spare.