Gentrification claims another victim as the instantly recognisable kit bag of Brixton is put out to pasture and replaced with a generic sports label holdall.

Some saw the old kit bag as an embarrassing, old ladies’ market bag, and one step away from a shopping trolley; while others saw the bag as a unique icon of the club’s vibrancy.

Either way, it cannot be denied that the new Nike holdall serves it’s purpose of kit containment very efficiently, even if it is at the cost of standing out from the crowd.

Is this a step into conformity or a step out of the obscurity and alternativeness that, like even it’s own name, holds Ultimate back from the mainstream?

Brixton is changing, evolving, adapting. Through the internet and social media more people than ever interact with Brixton. And while it’s important to raise the profile of Brixton through new media and cater to the new generation, it is also important not to forget the rich history of one of the longest running ultimate clubs in the UK.


Also, the old kit bag broke so we just bought a new one ’cause we needed to.