Zero Degrees Return!

Ultimate was surely made for sunny days. Unfortunately this Irish man was not. Zero Degrees were the opposition (Sub Zero unfortunately had to pull out) and -0.14° was the location but the weather was a tropical twenty six, leading to a tiring competitive game with a strong smell of sun-cream.

Mixed Tour 2

Thanks to Rich for this report!:

When Jon announced a weekend trip to the central Manchester branch of Zizzi’s we were all a little taken aback by the breathless audacity of the idea. Nevertheless a 15-strong team of boys and girls turned up at Euston at 6:15 in the morning […]

Friendly match up vs Zero Degrees Ultimate

Far from the usual Sunday morning lie ins that we're all used to, on 17th April, Brixton journeyed across the city to the ludicrously gorgeous setting of Greenwich Park, to take on Zero Degrees Ultimate in the first of a two leg friendly.

Brixton at CXIN 2016

Far too early for some, 8 of us got the train for some team bonding for the Mixed Indoor National championship last Saturday; Soni, Luke, Ant, Sean, Laura, Chihoo, Jacqui and China all appeared in a huge walk in freezer in Coventry that had been designated for ultimate that […]

Brixton at Iron 5 X

Since Jon asked me for a tale of struggle, triumph, heroes – I believe I may have a page turning story that will keep you transfixed...

Brixton gone AWOL

Brixton win yet another trophy and take home the Plate from AWOL with some great performances from all players, and smashing the competition on the second day of the tournament.

Here’s the tournament video report from China. In here own words: “Elliot is the king of video reports … So […]

Indoor Nationals 2016!

Brixton take on the UK at COIN 2016! We may not have qualified, but we earned our place! Here's the two part report written by Matt and Soni...

Brixton 1 at Club Open Indoor Regionals (Redbridge)

Brixton 1 battled hard at at indoor Regionals this year, read all about it in Luke's fabulous tournament report.

Brixton 2 at London Indoor Regionals

Brixton two kicked butt at London Indoor Regionals, and here's Marie's full report!

Copa de Crimbo 2015

Brixton absolutely smashed it at Copa de Crimbo, playing well on the pitch and winning the party award for our fantastic costumes! And here is Elliot's in-depth and hard hitting reportage of the whole thing:

Poole Women’s Warm Up Tournament Report

The date was November 7th… the time had finally come for the Poole’s women’s tournament! We had a stellar line-up for the weekend – Captain Jacqui , Marie, Janey, China, Tracy, Fran (All the way from Italy!), and myself (Heather). We also had Jon, Sean, and Ant joining as […]

AWOL Winter 2015 Tourney Report

AWOL team report… by Carlton Gajadhar
Let’s begin the story with our journey to Wolverhampton’s legendary AWOL Ultimate Frisbee competition. Brixton was not a stranger to this tournament as the club played several times in the past, but with a brand-new team, this would be an epic competition for our […]

Brixton End of Summer Season Social 2015

Hey All

We had a great turnout and a great time at our End of/Beginning of Season Social on Saturday Night – awards, speeches, 3 pint challenges, dance moves, arrivals and departures and one major announcement….

Thanks to Jon, Ant, Sean and most of all to Joe for organising a great […]

Burla Beach Cup 2015

Burla… Burla .. Burla

You may have broken our toes, filled our crevices with sand, made us sick, and worked every muscle in our body…. But you have not yet defeated us just yet. In fact, you have made us stronger… Faster… Fitter… And of course… The top placed British […]

Glastonbury 2015 Tourney Report

On September 5th eleven Brixtonians headed to Somerset for the annual Glastonbury Ultimate tournament. After an evening of libations in the cricket pavilion the local youths of Glastonbury descended onto the pitches to pilfer all sorts of valuables.

Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny and found Brixton set against Devon’s […]