London Calling tournament report

Watford FC’s training ground was the venue for this year’s Open Tour 2 London* Calling (*not actually in London).  In the spirit of, or due to the traffic caused by, Charlotte Church’s revolutionary anti-austerity marches happening across the city, we turned up with rebelliously little time to spare before […]

Summer League – Brixton vs Michael Pierce and Friends

Brixton’s eighth summer league match was one of the closest fought yet against a plucky/drunk team in the form of shape shifting Michael Pierce and his friends.

Brixton started out strong by taking the first three points with some sharp and fluid movements on offence, and vigilant defence turning the […]

Brixton @ London Calling 2015

Brixton took to St Albans and had a blast at London Calling 2015! Here's our full report written by Rich.

Brixton vs Goats of Destiny in the Summer League

Thanks to Ben for writing up the match report:

Brixton’s 7th match of the summer league season saw us play the yet undefeated Goats of Destiny. We knew it was going to be a tough match, however we were determined not to roll over and show them what a […]

Sunburn 2015 Tourney Report

A fairly long time ago (…yeah, sorry about that) in a land not too far away (largely because Will decided to skip his usual detour to Loughborough) Brixton ultimate embarked on its first beach tournament of the season (or possibly ever).

To be completely honest my memory of the actual […]

Summer League vs Swurve 25th June

Firstly, I’d like to say a big thank you to the team tonight for making my birthday really enjoyable and baking cookies and for the presents! You guys are just the best :-)

Secondly, well played to everyone who came along to the summer league match tonight (all […]

Summer League Weeks 2 & 3

Week two of Summer League saw Brixton make the journey north to Clissold Park where Ovathrow were waiting to take us on.

Unfortunately for Ovathrow, they were unable to get any girls and only 6 guys on the line this week and so Brixton were automatically awarded the game. But […]

Brixton at Open Tour 1 – Nottingham‏

Evening everyone!

All 8 of us travelled north to Nottingham on Friday night- yep, we brought a sub, we were tempted to ironman, but better-safe-than-sorry and all that…
Soni, Will, Si, Milo, Sam, Ant, Sean and Jon all checked into Novotel to spend the night with hookers and blow…. We didn’t […]

Match report – Summer League Week 1 vs Flump

Brixton had a great start to the Summer League! Here's the match report for our first game of the league, written by Syl.

Spring League 2015 Tournament Report

After a lot of well-deserved hype the report is finally finished for Spring League 2015! It was my first tournament for Brixton as captain so it’s fair to say I was a little nervous before week 1 however the enthusiasm and commitment showed by the team made life pretty easy, cheers guys!

Gentrification of Brixton… Ultimate

Gentrification claims another victim as the instantly recognisable kit bag of Brixton is put out to pasture and replaced with a generic sports label holdall.

Some saw the old kit bag as an embarrassing, old ladies’ market bag, and one step away from a shopping trolley; while others saw the bag as […]

End of season awards night – the results!

Thanks to everyone for coming out for our end of season bash and making it such a fun night! It was a great opportunity to look back over the season and take stock of the progress we’ve made as a club and individually...

AWOL Spring 2015 Tourney Report

Because they didn't want to hang out with their families or go on a nice holiday over the Easter weekend, 5 Brixtonites drove to the charming town of Wolverhampton (where Jacqui was waiting with home-made cupcakes) to represent the legendary name of Brixton at AWOL. Here's how we did...

First outdoor training session 11th April!

We are now officially in British Summer Time and looking ahead to the outdoor season! Our first Outdoor Training Session is on the 11th of April, 11am, on Clapham Common.

UKU Club Open Indoor Nationals – Tournament Report!

Hey Brixton,

This last weekend, 7 hardy souls departed on the Friday evening for Plymouth, which is WAY FURTHER AWAY than you think it is, for a weekend of indoor frisbee action, having been granted a reprieve and a qualification spot thanks to various qualifiers from regionals not […]