Hey All

We had a great turnout and a great time at our End of/Beginning of Season Social on Saturday Night – awards, speeches, 3 pint challenges, dance moves, arrivals and departures and one major announcement….

Thanks to Jon, Ant, Sean and most of all to Joe for organising a great evening J you’re a star!!

You can already check out some of the Photos on the Brixton Ultimate page.

We started early at 6.30 – and this showed later in the evening as some of us had taken on board a lot more than we realised…….. (thanks Jon and Jan for finding me at 1am!)

After food and drink it was time for Brixton Outdoor Season 2015 Awards as voted by you, the adoring public……………….

….And the winner is…….

Colossus of Monday Night Sprints Award – Jaqcui

Cutest Club Couple Award – Will and Jon

Little Princess Award for outstanding achievement in fragrance and manicure – Soni (Ben accepted the award on Soni’s behalf)

Best Dressed Brixtonite Award – Will

Most Loved and Missed on the Pitch Crippled C*nt Award – Dave Bull

**Most Improved Brixton Player – Molof

**Most Spirited Brixton Player – Jim

**Most Valuable Brixton Player – Ant

**We Have to Give Him Something Because He’s Captain Award – ….oh wait… we forgot the most important award, how did that happen…? Never mind we’ll do it next Saturday….. Guys…? Guys…….???

Congratulations to you Awards winners – I hope you are as proud of yourselves as we are of you J

And after the awards it was time for The Captain’s Words….

This firstly consisted of telling China who actually was the club captain.

Of course any recent arrivals could be forgiven for thinking that it was Jon – as he has been not only the main organising voice but also the person recently who has been expressing the tone and character for most of our events – sporting, social and training. And he has done a very, very good job of it, as absolutely everyone would agree, ably supported by Ant and Joe, and Sean, whose coaching and goal-setting for the club has been exceptional.

And by me too, of course.

As the (ahem, actual) Captain I am mainly responsible for defining where the club is going and what kind of club we are.

As most of you know this club began as a pickup game in Greenwich Park, where I would run around every Sunday – come sunshine, rain, wind, snow or fog – with a disc in my hand, accosting any stranger without a dog or small child who looked fit enough to run, and inviting them to join us and play this enjoyable game.

Luckily for our current existence that was in the days before such behaviour would get you quickly arrested. Some people actually joined us and our team was born.

That was 23 years ago…… (it’s a long time… try asking yourself briefly, what were you doing twenty three years ago……….? )

Over those years this has always been a unique club, for nice people who also like to play the game well.

We’ve had a great number of characters play with us and contribute a lot to their team-mates. It has been through several arcs in its life and each one, I think, has been in some ways bigger and fuller than what went before. A few years ago we had settled as a tighter club that played mainly indoors – but we quickly developed a strong sense that it was time to get out again, and to be a year round club, and with more going on for our players and friends.

And… a few years later… here we are J motoring on to happy horizons, each season bringing new experiences, new club-mates and a great community to be a part of.

Although we have been very successful so far at getting there – it is not an easy thing to achieve!

To be a club that is both welcoming and friendly to players of all levels, yet is also seriously focused on constant improvement and on playing the game well – is a very hard balance to strike!

For our collective character to be warm-hearted and welcoming, and to be genuinely nice, diverse and sensitive, and to have great fun with each other along the way – this is a lovely thing to achieve. But warmth and openness occasionally need protecting in a hurly burly world, from elements who don’t like to take responsibility for what they do. And that can be tricky!

And while of course everyone contributes, it is principally the task of the Captain to oversee it all and to do, or make sure someone else is doing, all the work that needs doing – Front of House, Centre Stage and Back Stage.

So it has been my work, over the last couple of years, to lead the doing of those things, to build this community and – most of all – to find in it people with the character and commitment to lead it, and protect it, and take it on its happy way through the next stage of its story in the years ahead.

This last year I have enjoyed so much meeting all of you!

This summer has been one of the most enjoyable seasons of ultimate I have ever had :-)

I have been able to step back and watch the club run itself.

We as a club have a great reputation in our sport and the prospect of maintaining it for years to come.

After 23 years as founder and captain, nothing is more important to me than knowing this club is in good hands and is a strong and happy place to be, with every prospect of going off on new adventures for another 23 years!!

I am so happy that it is.

I am now standing down as Captain of Brixton Ultimate Club and passing that responsibility to Jon, who has been kind enough to accept it.

I have tried to indicate that the job involves a lot of time and energy and not all of it apparent – please ensure that you, and those who join and follow you, always give to Jon your trust, your loyalty and your respect.

Antony and Joe have agreed to be the Club Vice-Captains.

Sean has agreed to be Coach for another Indoor Season.

I will become the Club President, offering support and continuity and – as we all do already – taking roles wherever helpful. Until such time as I take The Long Walk.*

Of course there are many other roles to fulfil in a busy club and I hope many of you will step up and take responsibility and share in the running of the club, I am sure you will :-)

I look forward to seeing you on the pitch…… 😀

à à And now back to the Awards Evening à à

Jon accepted his new role with his usual modesty J

Sean said a few very nice things about Simon (for which he duly received a fat brown envelope 😉 )

The Club presented Simon with a set of framed pics of himself and various Brixton Angels teams and players over the years since 1992. And of course a portrait of his beloved Club Cones Bag.

That is so lovely…. thank you so much :’)

Soon after this we descended downstairs to the dance floor and perhaps some began to feel to toll of drinking steadily since the afternoon, 3 pint challenges and round after round of celebratory shots….

Some hardy souls lasted til about 4 am, I am told, but I remember very little except being found in the street by Jon and Jan and led safely home to a warm bed and a big bucket. It felt good J

Thank you all, Thank you and Thank you again