Thanks to everyone for coming out for our end of season bash and making it such a fun night!

It was a great opportunity to look back over the season and take stock of the progress we’ve made as a club and individually.

We’ve been to several weekend tournaments, one day events, made it to Nationals, and had a lot of success; bringing home the plate for winning Div 2 at the Surrey Slingfest, the bowl (?) for winning Div 2 at LIWL3, and winning Spirit at LIWL2.

But our achievements cannot be measured by trophies alone. When we started the season we were a club full of new faces who hadn’t played much together, but as the season went on we showed our opposition time and again that we are a team that has trained well together, rehearsed our plays, and know each other’s’ skills. We’ve brought a positive, fun, competitive attitude to each game. These are points which are repeatedly brought up in the post-match spirit circles by our opposition, and are things which we should all be very proud of.

Our experienced players have brought us through Regionals and Nationals, while our beginners and less experienced players have shown great improvements over each training session and LIWL days. And it all culminated in a fantastic end of indoor season tournament which resulted in some of the most fun, tense, competitive games we’ve played all season!

In recognition of everyone’s efforts this past season, you all voted for your top players of the season in various categories, and we awarded some special personal awards to those that could make it that night.

Here are the results:

The AWOL Award

You don’t know him, but he’s kind of a big deal…. For never attending training, the AWOL award goes to… Milo! You can spot him by his shiny new name-tag prize.

Hard Force: Pub!

For always leading the charge to the bar, and pulling off ridiculous athletic feats (culminating in a marathon!) despite drinking his weight in ale, the Hard Force: Pub! award goes to… House! For this award, House was given a personalised Brixton shot glass.


Despite not being fit to play in tournaments or even come to training, this Brixtonite still came to all the socials and followed us all the way to Crawley to cheer us on at regionals. The Cheerleader award goes to… Dave Emery! For his efforts, Dave received some pom poms to cheer us on with through the outdoor season.

The Taylor Swift Award for Lack of Facial Hair

Never failing to be the only one to get ID’d at every pub outing, the Taylor Swift award for lack of facial hair goes to… Jon!

The Big Fag Award

For wheezing his way through trainings and games until his next smoke, our biggest smoker getting the Big Fag Award is… Joe! And to make sure he doesn’t cough and splutter his way through the summer league, Marie will bestow upon Joe some nicotine gum!

Tallest Short Guy. Also Black.

For overcoming height, physics, and racial prejudice to grab discs way beyond his reach, the Tallest Short Guy. Also Black award goes to… Ibby! To give him an extra boost with those high discs, Ibby was awarded with stilts!

Lady Killer

For being an all-round smooth operator, but in particular for giving his number to a girl by writing it on her arm during a post-game spirit circle at the AWOL tournament, the Lady Killer award goes to… Ben Lewis! Better to be safe than sorry, Ben was awarded with condoms.

Cadbury’s Award for Attendance

Over the last season we’ve had a lot of reasons given for not being able to come to training or a social: work commitments, injuries, even dates! One Brixtonite who gave all these and more and who takes the Award for Attendance sponsored by Cadbury’s is… Dave Bull! We appreciate you making it out to the awards dinner, Dave, and for your efforts you were awarded with a Flake.

The Dwayne Johnson Award for Intensity and Toughness

One person above all others has shown their grit and determination on the pitch which manifests itself as bold, intimidating, physical play which would make even The Rock quake in his spandex. The Dwayne Johnson Award for Intensity and Toughness goes to… Marie! And Marie takes home as a trophy the Ultimate Soldier action figure!

Social Magnet

Despite not being at the club for very long, this new member promised to bring along one new person to outdoors training (and in fact brought two!) and is aiming to promote Brixton in a local gym newsletter. For attracting new players to the club, the Social Magnet award goes to… Cat! To reflect this award, Cat was given magnetic stickers for photos.


For being a Fan-tastic addition to the club (and for not RSVPing to the event) we gave a mini electric fan to… Chris! Don’t let the left over prize take away anything from Chris’ season; he’s made a great, positive impact on the club, both on and off the pitch, and we’re all looking forward to playing with Chris more in the outdoor season.


This understated Brixtonite made a name for himself with his great performances on the pitch, and in particular with his layout D’s. Regularly wowing onlookers with defensive diving displays, the Skidmarks award for best layout D’s goes to… Anthony! To ease the pain of the burn, Anthony was awarded with plasters.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And halfway into that journey, we award the Well-Travelled prize to… Matt! We thought that Matt might get bored while he’s travelling on the pitch, so his prize was a Travel magazine and a pedometer to count all the steps taken whilst holding the disc.

The FECK ARSE GIRLS Father Jack Award for Profanity

For channelling his passion and competitive spirit through some choice words on the pitch, the FECK ARSE GIRLS Father Jack Award for Profanity goes to… Sean! And in the spirit of Father Jack himself, we presented Sean with a DRRINKK!

Dirty Defector

This club member not only played for other teams this season, but actually played against Brixton in an unprecedented defection and flagrant display of disloyalty. As it happens Brixton won the match emphatically, and you can watch the whole embarrassing ordeal here. Obviously the guys at Fire didn’t see him literally lose his shoe in that game and have seen fit to take him on for the outdoor season. Congratulations to…. Syl! Syl was awarded with some hangers for all the different shirts he’ll be wearing whilst playing against us in the future.


Running a Frisbee club isn’t easy, and even less so whilst starting a new, highly demanding vocation. But despite the intense, rigorous training regime of a new job, our club captain has always been there for us: managing the club, arranging training sessions, steering important club decisions, and driving the club culture that we all enjoy. And as well as this, he’s still been able to attend training and tournaments! For keeping his balls in the air, the Juggler award goes to… Si!


And on to the awards voted for by you, the club members…

Best newcomer – Ibby

In his short time at the club, Ibby has made a big impact. Making his debut in a Brixton shirt at day two of Regionals, Ibby immediately proved himself to be a valuable player with important defensive blocks and with his agility on offence to bring Brixton out of some tight spots in tough games. Ibby has also been a great personality in the club and we’re all glad to have you here.

Best on Offence – House

Yes, handlers do get recognition! House has not only been a safe pair of hands to add stability to any team as a handler, but he can throw a scoober to any point on the pitch and just as easily tear his way up field to receive too. House was instrumental in most of the points at Nationals and he deservedly took the MVP award at that tournament for his efforts.

Best on Defence – Sean

There’s no other player in Brixton who you want marking you less than Sean. Always in the correct position, there’s no escaping his force. And if his steely eyes staring from his beardy face aren’t enough to put you off your throw, his jazz hands certainly are.

Best Spirit – Joe

After a stewards’ enquiry into vote rigging, Joe was announced as your best spirited player! Knowledgeable on the rules of the game, Joe is always happy to calmly discuss any calls made by or against him, and rarely has fouls called against him (or gets away with them!). Joe has also taken up the role of Brixton’s Communication Officer, encouraging enthusiasm for the club through Twitter and Facebook and maintaining a fun culture within the club.

Most Improved Player – Dave Bull

Dave has consistently shown a steady improvement in his play all through the season, and this was most evident in how he really stepped things up at the London Indoor Winter League events. Dave proved himself to be a solid performer on the pitch, making sharp decisions, careful throws, and precisely implementing everything we had been drilling at training. He can be relied on to hold his own even against more experienced opponents, and I’m sure will improve to even further greatness through the next season.

Most Valuable Player – Jon

I am so very grateful to receive this award from you. It’s been an absolute pleasure to play with you this past season, and to be your Vice Captain. It’s doubtful that you chose me purely for my play on the pitch, so I’m very happy that you appreciate the work that I’ve put in to get the club to trainings and tournaments, and the launch of the new website. Thank you all so much!


And with the prize giving over, it was time to hit the bar and create our own dancefloor, and generally get in a state we would regret the next morning at outdoor training….

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