Hey guys

I’ve dragged myself out of my hangover after what was an incredible end of season social. Massive thanks to Joe for organising the night and delivering another quality social, and also thanks to Janey for letting us trash her house afterwards 😀 Special mention for Luke Baxter who was able to teleconference himself to the awards dinner!

What an amazing summer season we’ve had! Two mixed tours, three open tours, finishing 10th overall in c tour, with the knowledge that we were only out of the top 8 by an incredibly narrow margin (some would say the toss of a disc…) we got revenge on Cloud City at regionals to finish above them and Camden, sunburn, BTT, glasto, burla – where we played some of our best mixed play yet and the team that won spirit said we should have won it, so we effective won spirit there two years in a row…

We’ve grown so much this year with some great new recruits! We’ve had great turnouts at training again this year, and I want to thank Sean for putting us through our paces all through the summer, as well as Joe, Jim, Jacqui and everyone that’s helped to contribute to this season.

But even though this is the end of the summer season, this is actually just the start of what Brixton can become. It’s taken in actuality two years to get to this stage. Two years ago we were scratching around to find players to train with during the summer, last year we went to tour with 8 people, this year we went to 6 uku ranked events and got an apology from the Show Game for underestimating us at tour 1! If we carry on with this intensity and success, and keep on developing as we have, and all of us do everything we can to contribute and help each other then next year – Brixton’s 25th year! – is going to be outstanding!

Award winners

Punctuality Award: Soni
For consistently turning up 40-60 minutes late for any Brixton training or social. Honourable mention: Sylvester

Party Award: Pete
For getting 103 dicks out for Harambe at BTT!

Survivor Award: Dan W
For overcoming injury, illness, more injuries, and still absolutely smashing it at Glasto!

One and done award: Jim
For showing his special skills in balloon popping with a single thrust, though he did decline to prove his worth on the night.

So long to Joe Carr as he jets off to New Zealand at the end of the month to mooch off his girlfriend. Joe has been a fantastic player to have in the club these past few years and has done so much for the club as vice captain. Joe, you’ll be sorely missed! Thanks for all your hard work. When Ant left, we got him a poster with loads of photos from Ant’s big moments at the club, and so we thought we’d get Joe the same thing, a poster with loads of photos from Ant’s big moments at the club! He also received a Lonely Planet guide book of NZ, safe travels buddy!


Congratulations to Elliot and Sophie! We wish you all the best with your engagement and can’t wait for the wedding!


Best newcomer: Will Firth

Most Improved Player: Tracy

Most Spirited Player: Jim

Most Valuable Player: Jon


Thanks for a great night and fantastic season! Here’s to a an even better indoor season!




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