Super Saturday was a massive success!

We had over 20 people coming out to training (a record high for 2015!) all working hard on improving our forcing and getting lots of game time too. It was great to see so many new players there yesterday and I hope you will all come back again next weekend 😀

Training was followed up by a couple of excellent social events. Big thanks to Soni for hosting the BBQ/martini/hot tub splash fest! Another opportunity to get his shirt off, but at least he’s got a new tinder profile pic out of it :-p

We also saw the long awaited return of Dave Bull and his trademark bantaaahh. I was really glad that we could show Dave that in the few months he’s been out we’ve not strayed from our ethos of alcohol and bikini girls. Long may it continue.

Chris, I’m sorry to say that you missed one heck of a show in Camden. The band were amazing and Brixton rocked it from start to finish! Will, this is the song you said you wanted to learn and perform for us: Looking forward to it mate!

But the fun doesn’t stop there! As I said at training yesterday, we are planning another social in two weeks’ time on the 22nd of Aug. At the moment we are looking at keeping it on brand with a night out in Brixton, but if you have any other ideas or activities you’d like us to do then just let us know.

But before that, this Saturday 15th Aug, Matt is going to be keeping the party going with a shindig at his place in Clapham, so clear your calendars and and prepare for another Super Saturday! More details to follow from Matt soon, so keep an eye out for that and let Matt or myself know if you can make it.



PS if you have any photos from yesterday feel free to share them here or post to the Brixton facebook page!